Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stephen Birminham has a good piece on Congressman Curt Weldon's Iraq WMD story: Cloud-Cuckoo-Land, A Republican Stronghold

These weapons were produced in the 1980s (00:14) and are of the type used during the Iran-Iraq war (01:52)

Projectiles are badly corroded in most cases and can no longer be discharged as designed (01:27)

They were found in a variety of locations (00:22): some had been improperly dismantled and/or destroyed (01:27), others were found abandoned on the battlefield and other unmarked munitions had been misplaced in conventional storage bunkers (03:22)

They could not be reconditioned (01:27)

An unspecified number are completely empty (00:47)

It is extraordinarily difficult, but not impossible, to drain the agent (03:54)
These aren't viable weapons of mass destruction. Three years later and still no hidden stockpiles. Only remnants, many years old, improperly destroyed, misplaced, unexploded and abandoned.


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