Thursday, June 29, 2006

CBS News, ABC News and the Lone Assassin Theory

---A Flash Essay by Roger Bruce Feinman, J.D.

This runs about 50 minutes and I haven't had a chance to watch the whole thing yet.


Background on the Presentation

In that presentation I detailed, among other things, how a conflict among CBS News executives in 1966 over whether to present a balanced debate or to editorialize on the case resulted in a defense brief for the Warren Commission, aided in secret by a former member of the commission, John J. McCloy; how CBS suppressed an explosive discovery about the Kennedy autopsy, corroborated years later by several witnesses, that went to the very heart of the JFK assassination controversy during its peak in the Sixties and may have forced the U.S. Government to reopen the investigation at an early point; and how CBS skewered the results of pseudo-scientific tests to make the lone assassin conclusion seem more plausible.


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