Monday, April 10, 2006

A Simple Act of Murder : November 22, 1963

Yes, Mark Fuhrman has a book coming out on the JFK assassination.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange, the picture of Kennedy on Houston Street show hardly any spectators at all. Mark must have gotten the photo for his book from the CIA Division of Altered Photography Concerning the Assassination of President Kennedy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The popular view of Mark Fuhrman is that he is a Hitler loving, glove planting racist;when in reality he is darn good detective.
The popular view in the JFK case is
that there was a vast conspiracy,
with Oswald an unlucky stooge,the
real gunman "hidden in the misty woods"(as Nostradamus predicted).
The reality? The evidence against
LHO is overwhelming,while the idea
of a "Grassy Knoll Gunman" is absurd.Take a look at one of the most famous polaroids from that day,the Mary Moorman picture.There are 3 men standing on the steps of
the Grassy Knoll,watching the parade at the moment of the fatal
shot.Abraham Zapruder and his secretary are also in the picture,
Abe capturing the clearest film of the assassination. NO ONE saw a gunman behind the fence,or reported
a gunshot from less than ten feet away! In fact, one of the men on the stairs actually runs towards the picket fence in a panic! Cops were there within seconds, and they
found nothing. To be fair,a quick
viewing of the Zapruder film does
seem to indicate a shot from the front, as JFK was driven backward,
but on closer inspection,freeze
frame 313 of the Z-film and you can
see the fragments of skull are blown forward, as a bullet has entered the back of his head and exits the front,causing a jet-effect,knocking him backwards.
Mark Fuhrman really has it easy on this one,he doesn't really have to do much investigating,after all, the case has been solved since the
Warren Commission issued it's report in 1964(although flawed,
they got it mostly correct).
What really happened? As the motorcade turned on to Elm,LHO
fired the first shot at approx.
frame Z-150,which missed everything
and hit the pavement,causing John
Connally to turn his head sharply
to the right. As they continue down
Elm, A second shot is fired at Z-223,which strikes JFK in the shoulder-neck area,exiting his throat,and hitting Connally.Watch
frames 223-229 closely, and you can see them both react at the same time to a single bullet. The
third and final shot is horrific,
LHO having the kill-shot handed to him by the slow reacting,foot off the gas pedal limo driver.
For those genuinely interested in what really happened in Dealey Plaza that day, check out the following titles: CASE CLOSED,
PICTURES OF THE PAIN,NO MORE SILENCE,and the soon to be released
book by VINCENT T. BUGLIOSI,who has
been researching the JFK case for over 25 years.

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Blogger gary said...

Well, anonymous, in my own reading and research, I have found that there is considerable evidence of a shot from the front, which was covered up by altering the autopsy xrays and photos, probably at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gerald Posner in "Case Closed" beat Fuhrman to the punch, and even Norman Mailer in "Oswald's Tale" admitted to being pro-conspiracy until he delved into the case and took an unprecedented look into the life of Soviet defector Oswald and what went on over there during those brief years before his fateful return to the States. The most celebrated optical illusion of the Zapruder film (and there are a few!) occurs in the wide angle shot...focus on the limo driver, it's pretty amazing.

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