Friday, April 28, 2006

Amnesty International details torture

I was going to keep it light today, being Friday and all, but torture is one issue that I feel strongly about.

The Amnesty report reviews several cases where U.S. detainees held in Afghanistan and Iraq have died as a result of torture. The group also lambasts U.S. use of electro-shock weapons, inhuman and degrading conditions of isolation in "super-max" security prisons and abuses against women in the prison system -- including sexual abuse by male guards, shackling while pregnant and even in labor.
Cheney and Bush may not have known about the specific incidents mentioned in Amnesty International's report, but they are responsible. The Convention on Torture covers not only POWs but "all persons." Cheney and Bush should be impeached. A special prosecutor should be empowered to investigate torture, which is a violation of United States, as well as international law, and any officials found responsible should serve prison time.


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