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Harry Dean - Wade Rhodes posted this on the JFK Forum (see links) and Frank Agbat was good enough to transcribe it. I have a lot of documents on Harry Dean and will eventually put together a research project on him. Any information on Harry Dean is appreciated.

In an exclusive interview granted to Between the Lines, former undercover operative for the FBI, Harry Dean, has stated that the John Birch Society and the Drive Against Communist Aggression (DACA) had a heavily armed network of citizen soldiers ready to take to the streets in late 1963 and early 1964, if President Johnson and Chief Justice Warren did not quickly find Lee Harvey Oswald (a supposed communist sympathizer) guilty of the murder of President Kennedy. The thread was delivered to Johnson and Warren, within a few days after the assassination, but intelligence sources and by agents of the power structure that eliminated the President. LBJ had the choice - nation-wide internal strife or knuckling under to the thread and thereby giving the minority force a position of recognition. Johnson opted for the second choice.Dean, an undercover operative for the FBI from 1960 to 1965, had been assigned by the FBI to infiltrate the Birch Society. During Dean's tour with the Covina Chapter of the Society he states they planned three major activities against John Kennedy: a planned assassination in Mexico City in 1962 that was called off; the assassination in Dallas, and the threat against a thorough investigation. In each case, according to Harry Dean, Congressman John Rousselot (Rep. San Marino) was involved in the planning. Rousselot was Western Director of the JBS during the first half of the '60's.During the years when Harry Dean had been acting as an active member of the Covina Birch Society, the main meeting place for all the anti-Kennedy activities was at the a residence on San Pierre Street in El Monte. The Birchers were connected with anti-Castro Cubans, often mentioned as assassination suspects, through the DACA. The DACA was an anti-Communist organization directed by members of the JBS, which had attracted certain Cubans who were in the Los Angeles area during 1962-1963, trying to enlist support in another invasions of Castro controlled Cuba. The DACA operated in Mexico as well as the U.S.. According to Dean, World War II hero Guy (Gabby) Gabaldon was the Mexican Director, while Ray Fleishman of Whittier was the U.S. Director. Another active member of DACA and the Covina JBS, who had a close relationship with Gabaldon, was Dave Robbins, who at the time ('62-63) was a high ranking employee of the Fluor Corporation. (J. Robert Fluor and John Rousselot had been known to be close political allies). In a number of different circumstances, Dean was able to determine that Gabaldon, Robbins, Flieshman, and Rousselot had been involved in planning the aborted assassination attempt of JFK in Mexico City, June 1962.Harry Dean had many occasions to observe and relate with much publicized Cuban-American Loran Eugene Hall - aka Lorenzon Pacillo - aka Skip Hall and Laurence Howard - aka Alonzo Escuirdo. Hall and Howard had a close association with former General Edwin Walker, of Texas, whenever Walker visited the Covina JBS. Dean recalls specific meetings where Walker, Rousselot, Hall, Howard, Gabaldon, and himself (Dean) laid the plans to frame LHO, who they thought was a communist, as the assassin. Per Dean, Hall and Howard left the San Pierre Street house in October 1963, with arms and medicines, and the plans to implicate Oswald. The subject of eliminating President Kennedy was never discussed as a subject of the Society's meeting, but Harry Dean claims the plans for the assassination were conceived in small-group meetings. At one time or another, Harry Dean was witness to the plans of the assassination of JFK by different combinations of John Rousselot, Loren Hall, Laurence Howard, Guy Gabaldon, Edwin Walker, Dave Robbins, Ray Flieshman, and not previously mentioned Covina JBS member Ed Peters.


Blogger ernie1241 said...

Harry Dean's story is a hoax. See my webpage for details

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harry Dean – Ebook – might have killed JFK by Paul Trejo.
Harry Dean made manuscript 1990 from memory /diary?
Ernie Lazar disputes opinions with Paul Trejo about Dean records.
Harry Dean lived :4071 N Sheridan Road Chicago Il.
Harry Dean lived: 2236 Schrage ave Whiting Indiana
Harry dean work: 1540 central ave Whiting Indiana
Harry dean lived:18109 Atina Drive La Puente California
Harry Dean lived:2013 South 7th street Alhambra california.
GeraldPHemming:1209 S.Atlantic Blvd Alhambra California
( Atlantic Blvd is next to 9th Street 2blocks to 7th street)
Hemming knew Loran hall lived 829s,w,9thaveMiami with Aguilar Alvarez.
Loran Hall :1191 College View Dr apt7 Monterey Park california
Loran Hall:877 West EL Repetto Monterey Park california
Lawrence Howard: 8325 Coral Lane Pico Rivera California.
Hemming went to school in Monterey Park Calif knew many people.
Harry Dean joined Lds Mormons &johnBirchSociety&Minutemen?
Harry dean secretary Fair play for cuba comittee in chicago il.
Harry Dean went to Cuba spent some time there who paid for it ?
Loran Hall & Gerry Hemming& Frank FioriniSturgis &HarryDean
all were in Cuba about the same time did they know one another?
So why did Harry dean join Fair Play for Cuba Committee in Chicago?
So why did Harry dean join Socialist party in Chicago ?
WHy did Harry Dean join Minute men - John Birch Society in California?
Harry Dean knew anti -castro cubans & americans & all kinds of people.
1965 Harry Dean try to tell story on tv in california what going on JBS?
Harry Dean claims Ed Walker &loranHall & LarryHoward apart of 11-22-63?
GerryPHemming Sure knew a lot so why did he help Stone with JFK movie ?
Harry claims he knew Loran Hall very well heard speak J B S meeting-
SO Why did harry live in Monterey Park Calif close by to Loran Hall?
Since Hemming knew Loran Hall & Larry Howard he must knew HarryDean?
Harry Dean born in Canada had personal problems there came to Usa?
Coincidence & Innocence is one thing but Harry Dean was adult ?
So When did Harry Dean become a American Citizen true patriot?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Memo 11-29-1966 President L B Johnson called from White House
and inquired as to who this _ _ _ agent was ?(why was this important?)
This bore a Fort Worth, Texas,ll/26/66, UPI and carried the same
information as the notementioned above. Further, OSWALD's
mother, Mrs. MARGUERITEOSWALD, stated the flowers were
put on her son•s graveThursday by-a FBI man.newspapers
determined that these flowerswere placed by a HARRY J. DEAN,
Alhambra,California,Harry Dean -home address as 2013 South 9th
Street, Alhambra, telephone 282-7530..
Newspapers Article on Page 16, "Los Angeles Ti.mes, bearing
Fort Worth, Texas, UPI dateline, reflected that hundreds
filed past grave of 0SWALD. Article also contained a neatly
typed note reading, "Lee Harvey Oswald. Did he assassinate
the President? Was he truthfully accused? Guilty, yes?
Or was he innocent? He has left all the world confused."
Memo 5-1-1967 Harry Dean mentioned in John S Arvidon
letter 3-21-67.(google it)Memo 11-25-1966 DEAN opened the
conversation by stating that he had been a member
of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC) in 1960-61
chicago il.(lived there 57-8)HarryDean said he knew LARRY HOWARD
and LORENZO HALL in theFPCC and indicated that HOWARD
and HALL had travelled in Cuba with LEE HARVEY OSWALD .
(Dean said met Hall in JBS meeting heard him speaker on podium?)
HarryDean already in FPCC when he went to Cuba 1960 .
Harry Dean FPCC (fair play for Cuba Committee) Bulletins/newsletters:
Return Address:208 North Wells Street Chicago Illinois.
To Harry Dean 724 Grace Street Chicago illinois.
forward to Harry Dean 4072 North Sheridan Ave Chicago Illinois.
(Sheridan Road - West Belle Plaine Ave -N.Broadway/Halsted Street.)
(Grace Street goes West -Chicago Av -GrandAv-Division Str-WesternAv.)
HarryDean FpCc july 26th Movement 2739 West Division St Chicago.
Question : Since Giancana & Trafficante connected Loran Hall -and
Since Loran Hall knew HarryDean & Gerry Patrick Hemming -they
all must of knew one another -since HarryDean Lived Chicago il since57/8,
He was getting involved in so many controversial organizations/people?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harry Dean was in Cuba in June (Summer ) 1960.
memo :The complainant( Dean) stated while in cuba (1960) He met
Frank vega who identified himself as being representative of anit,
Cuba travel Bureau and also member of G-2. He ( Dean) said (while in cuba
1960) that he also met Dr Juan A orta , The secretary to prime minister
Castro ,while in Cuba (1960) .And that He ( Dean) also met William
Morgan ,formerly of Toledo ,Ohio while there. Harry Dean stated he had
originally met Ed Swaybeck in Cuba in summer 1960.
Harry Dean put flowers on Lee Harvey Oswald grave with note attached.
Harry Dean Residence 2013 South 7th street Alhambra california
stated Harry dean address 2013 S 9th street Alhambra California.
Gerry Patrick Hemming - EMPLOYMENT:
Sep 1960 to Mar 1961 Travel & Vacation, Mexico City & 2433
W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra, California (Parents
Feb 1959 to Sep 1960 Compania Universal, Humboldt #127,
Havana, Cuba, Tech/Advisor Maj. William A. Morgan
(left due to Castro politics)
Oct 1958 to Feb 1959 Vacation/Travel U.S./Cuba-1211 S.
Atlantic Blvd., Alhambra, Calif.(1209 S Atlantic Blvd Amhambra Ca)
Dates and places of residence:
Feb 1967 to March 1967 10300 S.W. 34th St. Miami, Florida
Jan 1967 to March 1967 1940 N.E. 35th Ct. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Dec 1963 to Jan 1967 1036 S.W. 5th St. Miami, Fla.
Apr 1963 to Dec 1963 2450 N.W. North River Dr. Miami, Fla.
Aug 1962 to Apr 1963 No Name Key, Big Pine Key, Fla.
May 1961 to Apr 1963 mail address-3350 N. W. 18 Terr. Miami, Fla.
May 1961 to Apr 1963 training camps in the Florida Everglades
April 61 to May 1961 1925 S.W. 4th St. Miami, Fla.
Mar 1961 to Apr 1961 953 S.W. 10th St. Miami, Fla.
Nov 1961 to Mar 1961 2433 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra Calif.
Sep 1960 to Nov 1960 Mexico City, D.F. Mexico
Jun 1960 to Sep 1960 Room #121, Hotel Rosita de Hornedo, Havana, Cuba
Dec 1959 to June 1960 F.A.R., Base Aere; Militar San Julian, P.d. Rio, Cuba
In 1959, after Castro came to power, Hemming spent considerable
time hanging out in Havana,Cuba often in the company of William Morgan,
Even William Morgan widow Olga Morgan remenbers Hemming.
Hemming was in Cuba june to Sept 1960 same time Harry dean there??

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

HarryDean posts on JFK FORUMS He has WROTE: Is Harry Dean is he truthful :
1.(guy).Gabaldon used/screened his movie as a recruiting tool around the country
it was the case in Phoenix,Az where Billy Seymour came into the picture.
Sorry, _ I must beg-off further for now.(excused from answer question?)
Hope this answered some of your questions.
(As soon as He typed Seymour name he ended his answer?)
2.Others clung to (GUY)Gabaldon and his (Gabaldon)
ideal, one was Larry Howard,soon came Lorenzo (Loran)Hall then several
others drifted in from the San Gabriel Valley L.A.(California) county towns
and cities. It should be noticed that of those mentioned in
the ant-Castro(cubans)/anti Kennedy activities most including(Gerry
Patrick) Hemming where from this area. (dean knew Hemming from Alhambra)I (Dean)soon on became involved
with the (Guy) Gabaldon group, with Howard, Hall and some of the others,
while keeping the the _advised. I (Dean)did not know Hemming personally
(private life?), but (Loran)Hall and (Larry)Howard travel'd cross country
with him, (group of men )all returning here often to raise funds for
No-Name Key anti-Castro actions. (Larry)Howard
and I (Dean)were on friendly terms, (Loran)Hall was not so with most of us.
3.Seems that HarryDean is repeat Gerry Patrick Hemming story?
about Loran Hall ? Blame Loran Hall ? when Dean told Gabaldon
to use (Loran Hall )or Campaign manager?
4.Chauncey Holt claimed that I was doing footwork for _
in Southern California, some of what he (Holt) said is true. He (Holt)may have
known me,we could have rubbed elbows in passing? However I do
not recall(recollect; remember) knowing him.
(Dean admits what Holt says is true -Holt may rub elbows( to meet or be with someone)with him,
He (Holt) may have known me( selective memory - the ability to remember some facts while apparently
forgetting others information/facts/events). Chauncey Holt admit that LHO
was Innocent whereas , HarryDean says LHO is guilty why does feel that way?
HarryDean put flowers & Card on LHO grave may even call LHO mother?
So why did Dean put something on LHO grave did Dean feel Guilty?
When Dean admits JbS & Minutemen&Gabaldon&Hall/Howard&Others all
work together to Frame Lee Harvey Oswald-wouldnt that put Dean in accessory
after the fact may be held liable for obstruction of justice?

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