Friday, September 02, 2005

Milteer Document

Thanks to Domenica Carriere and the others at the Louisian State University In Shreveport, Noel Memorial Library; Archives and Special Collections for this document and the others that I will post tomorrow. When I have scanning capability I will add scans. Dr. Edward R. Fields was editor of the Thunderbolt, an extremist right-wing publication.

P.O. Box 6263 Phone (912) 355-4271

Feb. 6, 1969

Dear Mr. Milteer:

Please read the enclosed issue of PERSONAL NEWSLETTER very closely. We have just learned from positive sources that the man Somersett is going to put the finger on, and charge as “Top Gun” in the Jim Garrison investigation is – YOU! Bill Sommerset has long been a paid pimp for the ADL. He gave Gerstein and Gelber a tape of a conversation he had with you – he claims it was shortly before the JFK assassination. They are going to play it at the trial in New Orleans with Somersett testifying and lying as usual. It looks as if they are going to name you as the “TOP GUN” in the conspiracy. If Garrison issues a subpoena for you, phone Attorney Stoner without delay – he may be able to help save you from this frame up. You might also write the Councilor and inform them you are a Patriotic Right-Winger and not to name you as the TOP GUN. That rat Somersett and Gerstein in Miami are behind this entire plot against you.

For Christ & Nation
Dr. Edward R. Fields


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