Sunday, September 12, 2010

Did Folksinger Phil Ochs have knowledge of the JFK assassination? Jim Glover says yes. See here.

Phil used to say to me "Jim, I will never lie to you but there are some things i cannot tell you". When we were roommates at Steeb Hall, Ohio State, he let me know he was in contact with a surveillance operation on students and even told me during one off our heated discussions about communism..."Good or Evil?" Phil told me I was "Fair Game".

It was a military culture because ROTC was mandatory and Phil was a sergeant in the Air force and I was private Army cadet.... He liked to pull rank on me and I RESENTED IT...BUT WE HAD A BALL ANYWAY.

Being a "Security Observer" was a new one for me too whenPhil first told me where he was some months after our Texas journeys...but i had just told Phil where I was in Texas when JFK was Shot so when Phil said "Security Observer" I thought that could be the job description that i took on as well...we can get into that later or i will digress too much from your question.

It was many months before Dallas that Phil came to Jean's place on Thompson Street in the village where I was living in sin....and while
Jean was out, Phil gave me some secret info. There was a plot to kill Kennedy and do I know anything about it. He said he was working for some domestic national Security program kinda like the CIA but these are the Good Guys in the war between the bad guy Hoover's FBI and JFK and the Good Guys.

Phil never told me who or gave me any names of who was his boss at that time but that would have been foolish if he did and probably dangerous for us both because I had a big mouth...and you know there wasn't much crime in our neighborhood.

Phil said he was working for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in order to find out more about the plot and i said I would let him know if i heard anything....I kinda remember we were supposed to meet somebody in the subway station but they never showed so I never met the Fair Play for Cuba guys but many years ago I called VJ Lee of the Veterans for Peace and he told me "Oh yes Phil was working with us".


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More on JFK, Phil, Jim and Jean
Jim Glover

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And more by Edward Curtin

Phil Ochs and the Crucifixion of President John F. Kennedy | Dissident Voice

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