Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22 1963, 46th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination and we want our country back

The Kennedy assassination has been the subject of a number of songs. Listen here. I like Lou Reed's "The Day John Kenney Died."

FBI Special Agent Jim Sibert observed the JFK autopsy. Interviewed recently he says "I don't buy the single-bullet theory."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

11 22 09 - Hi Gary - I saw very little mention about it yesterday. Seems we do not want to talk about it anymore. Actually I can think of why not. What I get from the Waldron books is that he had lived, on December 1 he would have invaded Cuba and we would likely have been at war with the USSR in a few more days. That puts the motivation in a new light for me. (Actually I first read about December 1 in a Peter Dale Scott book.)

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you got an extra ht before that last url...Waldron is mafia did it cia cover everybody knows that

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gary did you watch this?

Nov 22nd at 8:00 and 11:00 EST, and repeats again on Dec 3rd at 9PM and Dec 4th at 12AM, a Discovery Channel documentary on JFK's murder, "Did the Mob kill JFK?" b/o the
groundbreaking research of Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann--whose essential
book, Legacy of Secrecy, is shortly coming out in paperback w/ three new chapters.

A riveting one-hour documentary that presents compelling evidence supporting the theory that the mob was behind JFK's assassination. The program features a never before seen interview with an FBI informant who shared a prison cell with a mafia kingpin. Former Secret service officer Abraham Bolden is interviewed.

New JFK assassination bombshells

By Richard Clark

Bombshells in the new trade paperback of a good JFK assassination book are featured in a new Discovery Channel special, "Did the Mob kill JFK?" produced by NBC. It premieres Sunday, November 22, 2009, on the Discovery Channel (US) at 8pm and again at 11pm. Authors of the book, Legacy of Secrecy, Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann, are extensively interviewed in the documentary, which will continue to air in the coming months.

The updated trade paperback's new information completes the story of how the top secret plan of John and Robert Kennedy to stage a coup against Fidel Castro on December 1, 1963 -- with the help of Cuban Army Commander Juan Almeida -- was used by three powerful Mafia bosses to murder JFK.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen to Queen's "Killer Queen", released in 1974, a year before the Zapruder film was forced out by the Garrison trial.
A Killer Queen With Guns And Roses

Fifty years after America's coup d'etet,
The precursor to 9/11's shock and awe,
The record now shows
That you Inspector Clouseaus
Missed all the Pink Panther's faux pas.

The Pink Panther sat "Back and to the Left"
Where she used her skills with great deft
In her pillbox hat she poses
Holding pursed Guns and Roses
To execute her order, conscience bereft.

With rose thorns masking the dart stick
That paralyzed her husband right quick
She moved as rehearsed
For the derringer, pursed,
To teach Marilyn's old dog his last trick.

With stealth that belied her spy training
She gave Kennedy his public de-braining
Schooled in Paris by C.I.A.
She blew Jack away
And the Federal Reserve kept on reigning!

In the Zapruder film, it's all plainly seen
By the shot trajectory shown in Frame 313!
The evidence is all there,
Like the changed part in her hair,
That the Pink Panther was the Killer Queen!
©H@®£€$ µ£¥§€$ f€N€¥Saxiub

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crazy huh, 50 years, yet the lessons that should have been learned still slip away. i tried to explain to my children the relevance of JFK's death this evening on the 50th anniversary. So many things could have been changed. Life itself. Everything happens for a reason but as I see it a man who in his personal life had so many issues could still be a great man in his professional life. Maybe the good Lord knew it was time for us to stop believing in a false profit and move on. Maybe the good Lord wanted us to have someone to show us that even sinners can lead the way. I am unsure of all of this but one thing is certain... I WISH HE WERE HERE TODAY!

10:13 PM  

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