Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Right in all its ugliness

The major conservative sites cover the story of Ted Kennedy's death straight, of course, but the comments tell all. Not all of them but far too many.

From Lucianne :

First time in my life that I am not sad someone has died.

May he rot in he--. I have no simpathy for this scum bag.

I did a little soft-shoe dance, and offered the grandkids an extra helping of chocolate cake. As far as I'm concerned, hearing of he death of this evil, drunken, murderous buzzard is cause for celebration.

Ted died too quick, he should have suffered a lot more!

May this boil on the ass of the world rot for all eternity in Hell! And pray for Mary Jo.

From Free Republic:

Well. The Devil claims his own, after all.

He was not a good man and he was not helpful to this country. He was a bloated murderer who drank himself to pieces.

My heartfelt condolences to the poor, starving tumor.

You should always say something god about the dead. He’s dead. That’s good.

God held his own death panel. Just a few years too late big guy! An appropriate send off would be to put him behind the wheel of an Olds and drive him off the bridge! Good Riddance!

The world would have been better off had this Kennedy never been born. May he rot in hell.

From Hot Air:

Hell just got a little bigger.

Sorry, He was and always will be remembered(by me) as a P.O.S!

I’ve waited 40 years for that SOB to kick the bucket. I despise his rotten family.

The world has become a tiny bit better now that Ted Kennedy has left it.

Mmmmmmnnnnn . . . what’s that smell? Is that barbecue? Is that a pig roasting in hell?

I look forward to pissing on this man’s grave.

he was a traitor to America

Hey, I’m shakin’ my tail feather……dance…dance…dance!


Anonymous jingofever said...

It's funny that these people will hang one death on Kennedy and condemn him for it but embrace Bush who is responsible for hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of deaths.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Lordbud said...

Fox News has turned much of the US population into full-on hating misinformed idiots who are incapable of thinking past their own noses.

5:39 PM  

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