Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Oh, sorry birthers

But that Kenyan Birth Certificate has been absolutely and totally debunked. It seems that someone has come up with a 1964 Australian Birth Certificate with the identical format that was obviously used as the template for the fraud.

- The design is identical, down to the seal at the top and the classifications (”Christian name,” etc) used for identifying the baby.

- The “registrar” on the Bomford document is G.F. Lavender. On the Taitz document, it’s E.F. Lavender.

- The “district registrar” on the Bomford document is J.H. Miller. On the Taitz document, it’s M.H. Miller.

- The number of the book is identical on both documents: Book 44B, Page 5733

One thought though. In the original WorldNetDaily article it states that "WND was able to obtain other birth certificates from Kenya for purposes of comparison, and the form of the documents appear to be identical." But they did not reproduce any of these "other birth certificates from Kenya." Were 1964 Kenyan and Australian birth certificates identical. Or was WND lying? Either way the Obama Kenyan birth certificate is fake.

Update: the Freepers are trying to prove that the Australian birth certificate is a fake.

Update 2: David Jeffrey Bomford, whose name is on the Australian birth certificate, says it's his and it's real. He has since taken it down from the Bomford family genealogical site. Listen here.


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