Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An important new post on the Roswell crash

I'm still a skeptic but this is intriguing.


Blogger Joseph Cannon said...

The stuff about nitinol is interesting. But: The "Cross" referenced in this piece is the same person who wrote the famed "Pentacle" memo that Jacques Vallee first revealed. This text was ultra-secret until the 1990s.

From the memo:

"Experience to date on our study of unidentified flying objects shows that there is a distinct lack of reliable data with which to work. Even the best-documented reports are frequently lacking in critical information that makes it impossible to arrive at a possible identification..."

If Cross had had access to a flying saucer crashed at Roswell, he would not have written those words.

Also, Jesse Marcel would not have said -- as he unmistakably did -- that the famous photos of him holding some very wrinkled foil-like material depict the actual crash debris.

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