Thursday, July 09, 2009

So did Robert Kennedy and Jackie have a passionate affair as the New York Post asserts in this article? Perhaps, but some are skeptical. Pierre Salinger, supposedly one source for Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story by C David Heymann, has called the idea bullshit and the author has a questionable reputation. Researcher John Simkins quotes journalist Chris Lightbown:

Heymann has fished in this sort of pond before, but even deeper. On page 419 of his book RFK, Heymann says that Gore Vidal once told him that Rudolf Nureyev once told him (discerning readers may feel the trail going a little cold by now) that Bobby Kennedy flirted with Nureyev and that the pair of them had a three-some with a young American soldier.

Heymann also quoted a prima ballerina with the New York City Ballet of that time, Janet Villella, as saying that she had once seen Bobby and Nureyev “kissing passionately” in a telephone booth.


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