Thursday, June 18, 2009

Washington Post: Officials Found Child Pornography at Museum Suspect's Home

Meanwhile, agents disclosed in other court filings that they had recovered 35 rounds of ammunition, a disabled parking permit and a salt shaker in a search of the car von Brunn allegedly double-parked outside the museum just before the shooting June 10.
Murder, child porn and double-parking? I hope they throw the book at him.


Blogger Peter of Lone Tree said...

More jackoffery in the field of jurisprudence (jurisstupidity?):
Jury rules against Minn. woman in download case
(Begins): "A replay of the nation's only file-sharing case to go to trial has ended with the same result — a Minnesota woman was found to have violated music copyrights and must pay huge damages to the recording industry.

"A federal jury ruled Thursday that Jammie Thomas-Rasset willfully violated the copyrights on 24 songs, and awarded recording companies $1.92 million, or $80,000 per song."

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