Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Rev. Frank Stranges and Val Thor

I have just learned that the Rev. Frank Stranges has died.Actually he died last November but I just learned of it. The Rev. Stranges (his actual name) is best known, of course, as the man who met the Venusian Val Thor at the Pentagon, as described in his book Stranger at the Pentagon.

I corresponded briefly with Dr. Stranges shortly before his death. I was wondering if he knew Fred Crisman, who features in both the UFO mystery and the JFK assassination. Dr. Stranges told me that he had never met him but did know a mutual acquaintance Thomas Beckham who is, so far as I know, still alive. Beckham is featured in Joan Mellen's book A Farewell to Justice. Dr. Stranges seemed a fine gentleman so I assume his story is true and urge the government to release the documents detailing Commander Val Thor's three year stay at the Pentagon.

Commander Valiant Thor (right)


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