Saturday, June 13, 2009

Iraq and the WMDs

Most everyone now agrees that there were no WMDs, except for a handful of true wingnuts who say S. Hussein shipped them off to Syria or something. A true wingnut will never admit he was wrong.

I used to argue with my rightwing boss about the war. He would get really pissed off by claims that Bush and Cheney lied. "But everyone thought there were weapons of mass destruction." Just faulty intelligence. I tried to argue that most of the "evidence" that Colin Powell offered to the UN had been either discredited or at least strongly challenged by the time we went to war.

So today I'm looking through some old columns by Sam Francis, a true conservative of the paleo variety. Here's part of what he had to say in March of 2003:

It should be clear that the president and vice president are not merely in error. It should be clear that they—and other administration officials—are lying, telling the American people our country is in danger when in fact it is not.

Why did they lie to push us into war?


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