Thursday, June 25, 2009

Candy Barr: Hard Candy
She had a daughter, right?

Oh, yes, but she was already a grandmother by the time I knew her. Yes, she had a daughter with [second husband Troy] Phillips. She shot him in the balls.

Yes, I read that she was arrested but not charged … Wait. She shot him in the balls?

In the balls! [Laughs] Well, in the groin. But she was aiming for the balls! [Imitating Candy’s voice]: “He was the only man I ever loved.” But he was abusive, so she figured, you know [imitating Candy again]: “A big man like him, beating up a defenseless woman. I’ll show him defenseless!”

That’s just so Texas, somehow.


Anonymous Spi Guy said...

There’s only one Candy Barr Book authorized by the estate of Juanita Philips, AKA Candy Barr. It was written by her long time friend and confidant Col. George A. Day of Brownwood, Texas. Brownwood is about a 3 hour drive from Dallas and was a frequent retreat from Candy’s strenuous life as an exotic dancer in the Metro-Plex. When se retired from dancing she spent most of her remaining life in Brownwood. Much of the information in Col. Day’s book was only made public knowledge after Candy’s death in 2005.

Visit to learn more about the book and the life and times of Candy Barr.

7:10 PM  

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