Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wingnut Watch

WorldNetDaily, having nothing better to do with their money, has launched a billboard campaign against Obama on the nutty birth certificate issue. They overlook the fact that Obama has already released his birth certificate. Not the long form, which would tell us what hospital he was born in, but the short form, verified by the State of Hawaii, that tells us what state (Hawaii) he was born in. Cased closed.

But doesn't Hawaii permit registration of out-of-state births? Yes, but those birth registration certificates still indicate place of birth, and Obama's says Hawaii.

WorldNetDaily is also all worked up over what they are calling the criminalization of Christianity. What they are talking about here seems to mainly the recent hate crime legislation, which they call the Pedophile Protection Act, proving once again that the really crazy people don't know they're crazy, and that, unchecked by contact with reality, crazy people keep on getting crazier.


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