Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obama Kills Again!

Joseph Cannon alerts us to the story in his post Obama, the passport scandal, and a murder . Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., a witness in the passport scandal, was murdered in April. Of 2008. Although the story was covered in the Washington Times apparently the wingnuts just noticed.

Naturally this calls to mind Obama's earlier murder of gay choir director Donald Young, rumored to be Obama's lover. Not that Obama would have pulled the trigger himself. Blogger Roving Patrol speculates:

Obama had Leo Donofrio, the lawyer filing suit against Obama in fear of his life. Web sites anti Obama being shut down, blogs being scrubbed, and computers being hacked. So is it so hard to believe someone close to Obama committed murder? I don’t think so. I wonder where Ayers was the night Donald Young was murdered. Obama has some very very violent “friends.” Men who have killed before.


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