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Judyth Vary Baker's upcoming book can be pre-ordered here. Judyth worked with Oswald at the Reilly Coffee Company and claims to have been his mistress as well. She had an earlier book Lee Harvey Oswald: The True Story of the Accused Assassin of President John F. Kennedy, by His Lover which was only available for a short time. Is she telling the truth? Having read her earlier book and corresponded with her by email I would have to say probably, more or less. She also knew Dr. Seuss.


Blogger Joseph Cannon said...

I have not read either book, but I've heard interviews with the lady, and I don't believe Judyth. I think she ran into the research of Ed Haslam via Dave Emory's broadcasts.

Her story about the reason for Oswald's trip to Mexico is silly. It contradicts the thesis set out by the addendum to John Newman's book, "Oswald and the CIA." I think Newman has, in essence, solved the case.

I don't believe her claim that she was recruited by the CIA in high school, and I'm suspicious of the fact that she dropped that assertion in subsequent tellings of her story.

Her version of events conflicts with Marina's.

5:53 PM  
Blogger Judyth Vary Baker said...

Dear Gary:

Thank you for a frank and fair assessment. I wish we'd met: interestingly, those who have met me and/or thoroughly inspected my evidence books, met my living witnesses, and spent one-on-one time with me include Jim Marrs, Nigel Turner, Peter DeVries, Martin Shackelford, Wim Dankbaar, Edward T. Haslam, Harrison E. Livingstone, Dr. John Williams, etc. Turner made his first TMWKK documentary about just one witness (myself)--The Love Affair--after such investigation. Edward T. Haslam rewrote his book and reissued it --after such invesigation. Livingstone published my original book (despite my protests that it wasn't ready!) -- after such inestigation. Marrs and Dankbaar issued DVDs and CDs --after such investiagtion--Dr. John Williams wrote two scholarly pieces about Lee and me --after such invesigation, and Trine Day has decided to issue a hardback 480 page book, Me & Lee -- after such investigation. Comments such as that I said I was recruited while in high school by the CIA are hearsay: those who have made the actions above have seen my original manuscripts, interviewed me extensively, over hundreds of hours. In contrast, my detractors such as McAdams,Reitzes, Perry -- have never met me. Only one other detractor ever met me, and she threatened one of my witnesses. I have seen my emails altered, lies spread, and absurdities such as has been posted here about being recruited while in high school by the CIA -- but my original writings say no such thing. A book called deadly Alliance was written by Dr. Howard Platman using my emails (and corrections) which was also edited without his permission by our literary aent, who was fired. This book was stolen from my hard drive -- and quotations I can scarcely recognize are attributed to this stolen manuscript. My attempts to correct these misquotes is called "CHANGING THE STORY." Gary, you've never met me, but you've treated me fairly-- I can't complain. Just remember, had i said Oswald did it, would be rich and famous. Instead, I live in exile-- I was in political asylum over ten months, and those people are experts--you are deported immediately if you're not in true danger-- God bless them, for they saved my life. I am at peace despite a lot of sufferings and losses, because I wll be able to look Lee in the eye, if there is a hereafter, and will not be ashamed. He was an innocent man, and because of this, I will continue to be attacked. If we had ever met,Gary, I'll bet you would have made your comment an unqualified "I know this woman is telling ther truth." That's why the docmentary was made (and banned). That's why the DVDs were made. That's why devries, who uncovers frauds on his European shows as a famous investigator, put my story into his version of how the JFK assasination occurred, as Lee's lover, broadcast over all of western Europe. And that's why I can't live in my own country safely, and at age 66 must live in remote countries, relying on friends such as my Swedish friend, Allan, to send emails for me, to good people such as yourself, who care about the truth and don't necessarily accept every lie told by the Warren Commission and Wikipedia about Lee.
God bless you and keep you safe, Gary. Ten years along, and despite all the ad hominem attacks, they still can;t come up with a bomb big enough to blow me out of the water. All they can do is bring up baseless lies. Those supporting me are aware of the specious nature of these statements, as they have seen the original writings and documents. If you will write to any of the researchers who support me, you can obain my email address and I will address ANY questions you might have, especially concerning the origins of these accusations (note that there is no reference, just the attacking statement). Sincerely, JVB
please forgive any problems...

11:20 AM  

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