Sunday, April 12, 2009

Joseph Cannon of the blog Cannonfire published Friday a long post titled
"The turning of the worm and the eating of the crow", although a more apt title, taken from his accompanying graphic, might have been "Eat Me, Obots". I read his offering closely and even followed some of his links to other earlier posts of his. Joseph is still, how shall I put this, still quite angry about Barack Obama's primary campaign against Hillary Clinton. And, let's be clear on this, he is not going to "negotiate" with the Obama people unless they first "APOLOGIZE, GODDAMMIT! APOLOGIZE!!" The bold text and exclamation points are meant to assure the reader, apparently, that he really really means it.

Joseph's primary complaints seem to be primarily aimed at anonymous commenters at blogs like DailyKos, some of whom called Hillary a "cunt" and other things just as bad. During the primary and after Joseph would regularly post excerpts from some of the offending comments. Several times I went back and read all the comments on these blogs; Joseph did indeed quote them accurately. However, along with the offending comments there were always other comments, larger in number, that were not offensive, and comments criticizing the people who went out of bounds. Joseph saw the Obama campaign as being behind the "cunt-type" comments although there is no evidence for this. One could even speculate that the Republicans may well have been behind some of the offensive comments (remember Operation Chaos) but there is no evidence of this either.

The election campaign, however, is over and I believe that Joseph, and any other PUMA's, should get over it. They should, in other words, forget about it, just as they will be forgotten by history.

Anyway, as someone who is still a regular reader of Cannonfire, I left a comment of my own. This comment was "removed by the blog administrator." Given the total absence of any critical comments on this post, the reason is clear: Joseph does not allow critical comments. Or perhaps my comment was in some way offensive. I will quote my own comment in full so that the reader may make his own judgment:

Certainly the anonymous commenters that you selectively quoted should apologize. Certainly "some" Obama supporters "got out of hand." I know that you have said that it was "all" Obama supporters but you should apologize for that.

I looked at your first link where the "disgusting behavior" was "documented." You write, "Did you see Michelle Obama as Hillary spoke? She glared daggers. Her eyes radiated hatred." Real documentation. I did see Michelle Obama as Hillary spoke and I didn't see what you did.

(Word has it that Michelle muttered "I hate that bitch" while Hillary spoke.)" Now that's documentation. "Word" has it."

"So deep that we never will negotiate with you or hear your side of the story. Jews (rightly) don't want to hear Hitler's side of the story". Really, Joseph?

Arrogance. Egomaniac. Those words might well describe someone who refuses to "negotiate" with the Obama camp until they apologize. Believe me Joseph, no one in the Obama camp will be calling you to "negotiate."

With Hillary being part of the Obama administration and with a 66%approval rating I would say that most people have moved on from any resentments over the election. The 24% or so disapproval rating may include a few PUMA's but is mostly the hardcore conservative Fox News-watching-teabagging people.

"2008 was a life-changing event -- a wound that still refuses to scab over." Obviously that's true--for you.

Cannonfire was one of the first blogs that I read, and was I think the first one to link to this blog. I have often wished that I had Joseph's flair for language (when he's not, you know, ranting in ALL CAPS!!!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Any blogger who features predominatly anti-Obama attack ads on the righthand side of his blog is a big red flag that they have gone off the cliff.

I thought you had given up trying to reason with Cannonfire when he deleted your comments from last year (as he did with Brad Friedman of ). Something happened to him back in Dec 2006 when he got into a war with anyone who questioned his take on 9/11. He extended this war to the producers of Loose Change and anyone who gave it any consideration. I never intended to get on his bad side and had contributed to his blog but he banned me for emailing him about his battle in which I offered empathy but also included some info about 9/11, regarding the eye witness accounts of explosions happening in the basement seconds before the plane crashed into one of the towers. He emailed me saying I am now in the same camp as the mentally ill 9/11 CD'rs and anything I wrote from then on would be discarded and put in the spam folder.

More recently, he has extended this hatred towards anyone who doesn't condemn any of the folks who are questioning 9/11. In other words, if you even attend a speaking event like a 9/11 conference, you are 'nutter and end of discussion.

so, I left a comment challenging his assertion that the NH primary Dem primary was not rigged in favor of Hillary after she polled third place and "NH: EXIT POLLS Predicted Obama!; Diebold Precincts Swung 7% to Clinton; New Docs Show" I quoted mark crispin miller's work on this, and then one of his commenters rejected anything I had written because in their opinion, MCM had supported an investigation into 9/11 even though he stays away from the 9/11 brouhaha.

So then I was never able to include a comment from mark crispin miller or bradblog again even as anonymous because his commenters have deemed that they are not sufficiently anti-CD.

Joseph has become slightly insane but his blog is attracting more rightwingers because they love his vicious attacks on Obama and Obama's supporters and have tainted anyone who supports Obama as mentally ill, which is the same argument Joseph made against anyone looking into allegations of pre-planted explosives.

Joseph if you are reading this comment, you are becoming as close minded as the rightwing Repubs you condemmed. Oh and by the way, you need to check this new article out:
Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

I think around Dec 2006 Joseph had to vastly increase the use of painkillers for his painful sciatica and this changed him both emotionally and mentally for the worse, leaving him susceptible to the advances of the fawning rightwingers who have succeeded in turning him into a weapon against Obama and against liberal Dems in general.

So the rightwing has won, they have Cannonfire in their corner so he now spends something like 60% of his blog attacking Obama and Obama's supporters. Now and then he comes up with a few gems, but they are now lost in the fog of the Obama attack posts and comments. they must have been able to change Joseph Cannonfire via his medication or whatever sub-liminal tapes or subliminal EMF crap being directed at him. Last year joseph spent most of his efforts attacking Obama instead of looking into election fraud which is why I originally began to follow him back in Nov 2004 when he was the only blogger to deal with this issue head on.

on a different subject, the hemorrhaging of jobs and the market crash at the end of Bush's regime seems to be a war against the middle and lower classes for revenge for them wanting to have decent lifestyle. So now the wealthy elites are shifting this country into a sort of hybrid version of Mexico/Argentina/Brazil where the vast majority live hand to mouth or month to month and only the top 10% live lavishly.

Hence, that is why the job search for non-existent jobs is such a disaster. The wealthy are controlling this country by destroying the middleclass, the unions, the poor and pulling out the rug from underneath them by outsourcing their jobs, livelihood and ensuring that they lose their 401k retirement and pensions.

Really, it is just a matter of time before the unemployed become homeless and then rounded up and imprisoned into FEMA camps so we don't spoil the scenery for the wealthy elites who are still Bush's base.

3:55 PM  
Anonymous The Careful JFK Guy said...


I first read Cannonfire because you linked to it. As I did so, I sent a few comments Joseph's way because he was somewhat casual about certain details related to the Kennedy assassination. Nothing major, mind you, but little things like "Lansdale was one of the Dealey Plaza tramps." When I sent him mildly worded correctives under the handle Careful JFK Guy, he seemed appreciative and amended his errors accordingly.

More than a year ago, Joseph made a similar error regarding Obama and NAFTA, which I strenuously sought to see corrected. His take then, and today, is that Obama's people "invented" the falsehood that Hillary's campaign had assured Canadians she didn't wish to see NAFTA gutted. Subsequently, the Canadian government covertly leaked to the media that it was the Obama campaign that had offered such assurances.

Now, I am a Canadian and know a tad more about the circumstances than does our Joseph. I do not blame him for being ignorant of Canadian politics because, after all, who outside our own borders would much care about such trivia?

However, facts being facts, I did try numerous times to advise Joseph that Ian Brodie, adviser to and mouthpiece for Canadian PM Stephen Harper, HAD told journalists it was the Hillary camp who had offered such assurances re: NAFTA.

Brodie saying it, of course, didn't make it true and I said so, repeatedly. I allowed any number of possibilities to explain this away: that Brodie had mispoken in error; that Brodie had deliberately lied [he IS a Tory, after all] in order to embarrass Hillary; that the Harper government, by leaking such tripe about both Obama AND Hillary, had hoped to divide the Dems to the benefit of the Repubs, etc.

Despite my best efforts to correct his monologue, in terms that weren't particularly Obama-centric, Joseph has clung fast to the mistaken belief that what was first stated by Ian Brodie was somehow "invented" from whole cloth by Obamaphiles trying to assassinate Hillary's character. He continues to peddle his NAFTA falsehood to this day, as though unaware the truth of the matter is more benign, as though he had never read a word I wrote to him. And because he excised my comments on his blog, nobody is the wiser.

Like Joseph, most of his readers are equally ignorant of Canadian politics, equally deficient in following the subsequent parliamentary "investigation" into the matter, and equally gullible in believing what the Harperites concluded in that "investigation." Because they are so appallingly ignorant of these details, Joseph's wholly inaccurate depiction of these events continues to this day, unchallenged.

There is more slipperyness behind all this. When the Globe & Mail [our equivalent to the NYT] first broke the story, it was based on a single "source" inside the room with Brodie. I advised Joseph that I have written for the Globe and that their own style book requirements would never allow such a contention into print without a second confirming source.

Moreoever, it was a simple matter for the Globe to find confirmation, because the journalists to whom Brodie had spoken all worked for CTV, the TV network owned by the same company as the Globe. The very first reportage about this on CTV, from one Tom Clark, likewise cited Brodie as claiming the NAFTA assurances had come from Hillary's campaign.

It was only mildly confusing to those who care about such things, but the facts were and remain relatively clearcut. Not for Joseph. He disparaged the Globe as a rightwing rag, which it might have been 50 years ago when I was a child, as though this was the only requirement to dismiss its reportage. And he kept on dwelling on the "single source" attribution, as though Tom Clark's TV report had never happened.

I don't know about his sciatica problems or the effect of his meds and such, nor do I much care. It seems to me that Joseph went off the deep end when somebody on KOS refused to recant the "darkened Obama image" smear and called Joe "racist" for his efforts to straighten out the issue. Which is interesting, because Joseph repeatedly referred to you and I, Gary, as "fucking morons" or "fucking dummies" or similar, when we offered the most mildly-worded corrections to his own errors of inference and interpretation.

Once his hatred toward Obama had calcified to this extent, Joe was blinded to interpretations of facts and events less provocative and anti-Obama than those he wished to dispense. He was forced to use profanities about us and ultimately banish our comments because we offered cogent and plausible insights that were inimicable to his central premise. How could he continue to grind his personal axe when others are in the room pointing out the blind irrationality of his pursuit? Rather than temper the axe-grinding, he simply removed those who made his pursuit seem ridiculous.

In the process, Joe has reduced his commentary to something about as nuanced and thoughtful as Limbaugh's pronouncements, fostered an echo chamber of likeminded simpletons, and become a pale imitation of what he once claimed to be. Joseph is now as credible as Glenn Beck, mustering dubious assertions when they serve his purpose, disposing of "facts" and those who cite them when they fail dovetail with those baseless assertions.

I remain the Careful JFK guy, hung up on details and trivia such as "facts." Joseph, meanwhile, has devolved into a clown so thoroughly and completely that he cannot even perceive the extent of his devolution into sideshow irrelevance.

I am sure the President quakes with fear at Joe's every new broadside.

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cannon is a true iconoclast. It's is a big part of what makes him an interesting writer on many subjects, unfortunately it's also can make him a little tiresome on certain subjects.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cannonfire was also one of the fist blogs i frequented when i started cruising the blogs (now a number of years ago)
i think it started when Larisa told him to get lost and to lose her e-mail address. he never quite got over it.
i haven't been to his site for about a year now and have no plans to return as his readership has taken over by rightwingers.
BTW having recently taken up reading the Mop and Pail(Globe and Mail)after a hiatus of about a decade and a half i am of the opinion it has taken a turn to the right

9:46 AM  
Anonymous tonyD said...

commentor is right , after the 911 truth stuff , ol Joe just lost it and chased away all the visitors with his version of " get off my lawn"
Sad, used to be pretty good site , now there is just nothing interesting or intellectually stimulating - unlike before.
Maybe the meds did do it.
[happened to Limburger , too]

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the rightwing wanted to neutralize him so he wouldn't be focusing so much on the election fraud that originally put him on the map in late 2004 and 2005.

Then as a bonus they got him to bash Obama and anyone who supports Obama.

I think karl rove got really pissed off about the photo that Cannonfire posted of his step-dad's pierced penis because his sicko step-father who raised Karl had some really weird sex fetishes and enjoyed having his private parts pierced and displaying them.

well they got him. and his site is now an anti-Obama site bigtime.

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found your blog via Cannonfire. The ironic part, considering the subject matter, is that I found Cannonfire via Xymphora. If you want to see what used to be a rational, interesting blogger who went seriously off the deep end, Xymphora has Cannonfire beat without breaking a sweat. I still enjoy a fair amount of Joseph's posts, but Xymphora is practically a hilarity these days.

7:29 PM  
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