Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yesterday's Right

I have long had an interest in the political Right of the 60's, which grew out of my interest in the JFK assassination. I recently read a book from that time, The Minutemen by J. Harry Jones, Jr., about Robert DePugh and the organization he founded. Jones devotes a few pages to Frederick Seelig, the author of Destroy the Accuser, praised by Robert DePugh, Congressman John Rarick, Westbrook Pegler, and Revilo P. Oliver, the only witness before the Warren Commission whose name was a palindrome.

I haven't read Destroy the Accusers yet, but apparently Speelig was falsely imprisoned in a mental institution by an insidious network of Communist homosexuals. More on his book here:
A MASSIVE POINTING FINGER menaces a red silhouette of a man on the cover of Frederick Seelig's book, and it's a great graphic, but, really, it's the book's subtitle that caught my eye. Oh, Frederick Seelig, you had me at "Federal homo power exposed."


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