Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wingnut Watch

The far right may be fractured and intellectually and morally bankrupt but they aren't going anywhere. Unable to claim that Obama stole the election (due to the size of his victory) they continue to push the idea that he is not legitimately the President, because he has not released the long form of his birth certificate. No matter that he did release the short form, a valid legal document, authenticated by the state of Hawaii.

Remember how nutty the Right got under Clinton? I think things are going to get nuttier this time around. Obama is being compared to both Lenin and Hitler. He is being called a Socialist , a C0mmunist, and a Fascist.

The wingnuts are organizing tea parties.The original Boston Tea Party, of course, preceded a revolution. According to the last link "America is on the brink of another revolution." They say that Obama is establishing a dictatorship. Michael Savage has predicted a Reichstag Fire type event by the government, blamed on "subversive elements" in order to establish a "naked dictatorship." Chuck Norris -- yes, that Chuck Norris-- is apparently advocating armed revolution and terrorist “cell” tactics.

We are only two months into the Obama presidency. Where will we be a year from now?


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