Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wingnut Watch

Atlas Shrugs:

Knowing what we know about President Hussein, he despises our military and holds them in as great contempt as he does great Americans and patriots.
Sultan Knish:

2008 was a wake up call showing just how close to the darkest hour of midnight we are. We aren't finished yet, but there are only so many chances left. Our institutions have been corrupted, our culture has been hijacked, our country has been hijacked. The toxins accumulating in the body of the nation will kill it, given time.

Defend Our Freedoms:

Should it be discovered Mr. Obama is ineligible, a constitutional crisis would ensue attempting to determine which of his executive branch orders should be valid. If, however, this case continues and Mr. Obama fights revealing his documentation, there are growing concerns of civil unrest, or worse, being unleashed in the streets of our nation


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I encourage you to quote without linking. Why send more traffic their way?

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He was not born in USA. Period.

3:23 AM  
Anonymous Smitty said...

Anonymous said...

He was not born in USA. Period.

Don't you think that if this was remotely true that one of Obama's political enemies -- and not the legion of drooling nutjobs that have made themselves thus known -- would have made it a real issue in the campaign?

Delusional authoritarians all. Idiots!


1:39 PM  

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