Saturday, February 28, 2009

I have been reading The Invasion of Mississippi by Earl Lively, Jr., put out in 1963 by the John Birch Society. It is a one-sided account of the southern response to the integration of the University of Mississippi. The following excerpts show how the Kennedy administration was viewed by the Right in those days (perhaps similar to how they view the Obama administration today?)

If anyone is oppressed in the South today, it is the white man. His laws are violated and struck down by edicts of a judicial oligarchy, his rights are trampled, and his land is repeatedly invaded by the brute force of a tyrannical federal Administration.
If President Kennedy should assume total power in a "crisis" situation, or if the South stews in racial strife until a race war divides the nation and so weakens it that soviet power could take control, the result would be the same in either case--we would be in the hands of a naked dictatorship


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