Monday, November 03, 2008

Israel Insider: Is Obama the secret son of Malcolm X?

Mind-boggling idiocy. Asks if Obama is a "German sleeper agent." WTF?

In the minds of the leftist and Islamic leaders, he is the heir to the throne of "freedom fighters", the revolutionary prodigal son – heir to legacy of black powers and black Islam -- come home to rule.

Nothing short of a DNA test is going to prove who Obama Jr.'s father really is, or, indeed who is real mother is, or is not. His long-suppressed birth certificate, which he wrote about possessing in Dreams from my Father and which Hawaii now admits is on file, could help solve the mystery.

No one to my knowledge has explored the possibility that Stanley Ann may not be the birth-mother. That would explain the lack of hospital records in Honolulu and the fact that no one can remember seeing her pregnant. Suddenly she just appeared in Washington state with a little baby boy.
Of course, some might say that the reason that no one has explored the possibility that Barack Obama's mother wasn't his mother is that it's crazy. But no more crazy than saying his father was Malcolm X.

Update: one wingnut has a theory :

Well, it just gets stranger and stranger all the time. Obama may be the son of “Toot” Madelyn Dunham and Malcolm X.
Got it? Barack Obama, likely our next President, is the son of his grandmother and Malcolm X. It all makes sense now.


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