Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dad Knew Who Killed JFK

Arieh O'Sullivan's father testified before the Warren Commission. Arieh reveals a few interesting things about her father, who she says was "commander of intelligence at the New Orleans Police Department."

I’d always known my father had been acquainted with Oswald. They had not only grown up half a block away from each other, but had shared homerooms at school. Sitting alphabetically, my old man Fred sat in front of Oswald for years. O’Sullivan next to Oswald.
Growing up, I recall how my father used to say there was more to the JFK assassination than met the eye. He never elaborated and I was brought up not to prod. While we were close, he had his private side too and kept secrets better than anyone I have ever known. Once I stumbled upon a Lebanese driver’s license in his desk drawer with his photo and the mysterious foreign name. He shrugged it off, telling me it was for my own good I not know.
The testimony of Frederick O'Sullivan before the Warren Commission can be found here. He told the Commission he was on the vice squad. It appears that there may have been more to Mr. O'Sullivan than met the eye.

Update: There is more on Mr. O'Sullivan at the Mary Ferrel site. See here.


Blogger Tim Fleming said...

Was your father acquainted with Oswald later in life? If so, how?

Tim Fleming
author,"Murder Of An American Nazi"

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