Monday, October 13, 2008

New Obama sex scandal!

Did Barack Obama have sex with this woman, Vera Baker? Probably not, according to the Daily Mirror which calls it a smear.The wingnuts are atwitter. Larry Sinclair is jealous

Update: Shocking photo of negro Barack Obama kissing a white woman!


Blogger C. Van Carter said...

Whoopi Goldberg played a character named Vera Baker in the movie Rat Race. Who directed Rat Race? None other than Jerry Zucker, brother of David Zucker, director of American Carol. Coincidence?

In one of his biographies Obama recounts his doomed college love affair with a wealthy white girl. His account of it was quite moony, and struck me as more than a little bit inspired by The Great Gatsby.

2:28 PM  
Blogger AitchD said...

Like Miz Sarah says, Barry isn't like the rest of us. He lived and learned abroad, he grew up in Hawaii. That's an awkward photo. It shows Barry letting his picture be taken by a camera that's to the left of the camera on the left edge of the photo. He has to reach with his face and mouth to avoid touching the albinoite person. It's also awkward because Barry nearly always kisses the right cheek, and he always tries to touch the cheek with his mouth, a genuine show of affection. He sometimes kisses a man's cheek in the same way. It's common throughout Europe and also among Arabic people. Many Arabic people will not trust someone if they cannot smell them up close.

5:07 PM  

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