Monday, December 17, 2007

Operation Often: Satanism in the CIA

This operation was based on Dr. Cameron's earlier research into the supernatural. Operaton Often was going to go further, exploring the world of black magic. In Dr. Gottlieb's mission statement the intention was to "harness the forces of darkness and challenge the concept that the inner reaches of the mind are beyond reach. The project will aim to create a new kind of psycho-civilized human being."
Operation Often was soon deep into demonology. In April 1972, an approach was made to the monsignor in charge of exorcisms for the Catholic archdiocese of New York. He flatly refused to cooperate.
Buckley, still a devout Catholic, found himself surrounded by a "mysterious and magical vortex in an agency that was supposed to deal in facts and predictions based upon them, that corner of the CIA which Gottlieb had set aside for his work with the Devil was an inner black hole from which came the constant cries 'There is no God! The cosmic deity is all!'


Blogger Chi0ne1 said...

All governments and their agencies practice satanism. They are organized while the sheeple run around in a state of confusion. The elite like it that way. As long as the sheeple fight each other they can continue their conquest.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check here;

Guys been around a long time and things he has said are proving to be true!

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The enemu In the end !, Is a Loser!----Thank God!

2:28 AM  
Blogger Commander Z said...

Jews did 911 and all world wars.
Satan is an invention of Jews used by its tool of Christ-Insanity to destroy the goy with its superstition.
Jew influence will censor this. This will be the proof.

4:17 AM  
Blogger gary said...

Kosherbacon, you are a nut and an anti-semite. I hope that you continue to view my blog though as it might be good for you to be exposed to a view that is not nuts or anti-semitic.

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These men are devil worshipers and polytheists not Satanists.

Satanism is a system of belief based on selfish, self centered thought. Its very opportunistic, and focuses on personal success through whatever means is most prudent. They break the rules to succeed but only if the benefits out weigh the costs. For example: A satanist would not use recreational drugs if the result of getting caught would end his professional career. Satanists also tend to be atheistic.

I am a career professional in my 50's as well as a Satanist. I can assure you that the "scull and bones", and the bohemian grove have nothing in common with Satanism.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kosherbacon may be an anti semite, (although that is a improper term as jews are not semites) but why is he a nut? all he said is jews caused the world wars, 911, and invented satan- THESE ARE ALL TRUE, how can someone with a blog called Covert history not know this???

Hitler, stalin (also lenin) and churchill were all of jewish blood, roosevelt were not sure about, but we do know his administration was chock full of jews, and we know that 911 was an inside job, the evidence is overwhelming, and you have to be blind not to see that jews run america, not covertly, but rather overtly. there is no physical evidence supporting the existence of satan or demons, the belief in this superstition has served the power elite (jews) well.
Gary time to reassess who , and who isnt a nut, dont become a another politically correct blog by not naming the jew.

8:19 AM  
Blogger gary said...

I have never liked the term anti-Semite as it's based on archaic 19th century racial thinking, but I use the word in its dictionary sense for people who don't like Jews. It's stupid to blame "the jews" for everything bad in the world, as if there is some sort of "Jewish conspiracy." I will concede that the jews invented Satan, but even if were proved that the Mossad, for example, was behing 911 (and it hasn't been) that would not justify saying that THE JEWS did 911. I hope that you can see my point.

It must be nice though to have one group to blame for everything bad in the world. There is, by the way, no one BIG CONSPIRACY of jews or masons or Illuminati or whatever.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Jesuits did 911 and all world wars. But more on topic, does the book have any citations for the Operation OFTEN information?

8:49 AM  
Blogger gary said...

The Operation Often information was based on repeated interviews over a period of years by the author with CIA agent William Buckley.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whole lot of stupid in this blog,

Satanists worship Satan, hence the name, regardless of what they say, they are notorious liars.

Jews have had absolutley nothing to do with the world wars and 911

Churchill, Stalin, et al were not Jewish.

Grow up people.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look I wish I could blame niggers for everything, but they were just brought over here by jew slave traders, so once again i must blame the jew. Yes, It is convenient to blame one group, but what has convenience got to do with it?? Either jews are a people who want world control or they are not, the evidence is overwhelming that they are. have you ever read the talmud, does that not tell you what they think of themselves (chosen people) and what they think of us Goyim (human cattle). Where ever i see shit, i see a jew behind it, its not my fault, its just the way things are, and anyone who says otherwise has not sufficiently studied history, nor do they sufficiently study the present with open eyes, or they are judeo supremacists like those rotten christian preachers.

Churchill stalin hitler lenin were jews whether you believe it or not, the media is jew owned and controlled (including faux news jew rupert murdoch) whether you believe it or not. bush may not be a jew or he may be a crypto jew, I dont know, but I do know he serves the jew,is anyone going to argue otherwise? W bush also keeps a kosher kitchen in the whitehouse, and studies the talmud (which his lord jesus condemned) with a chief rabbi.

But I dont need these factoids, all i need do is open my eyes, and see that whites are being screwed by jews daily. you want to suggest that powerful racist white rule this world? then why do they allow mud people to live in their nations? why are jews at the top in so many positions? are we whites too dumb to run a banking system? too few of us? why do we fight in wars where we have no interest, especially ones where we kill fellow white men? I dont need excuses and propaganda, i have open eyes, timel for ye all to stop being fooled by the judeo ilusion machine and see beyond.

10:31 AM  
Blogger gary said...

Anonymous, it seems to me that you are the type of "white supremacist" who almost by himself disproves white supremacism by being so damned stupid and ignorant.Stop hating. There is more to researching history than looking at neo-Nazi websites and repeating long-disproved anti-Jewish bullcrap. When did all the Jews get together and start plotting world domination anyway?

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

regarding everyone's confusion between the bavarian british masonic zionists and the "jews"-

i think ol'yashewa mishac said it best- "beware of those that say they are of the tribe of judah and are not, they are of the synagogue
of satan"

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gary you are embarrassing yourself. First of all what is PROOF? nothing in this world can be proven, if I hold up a pen how do you prove it is a pen??? you cant, it is just through agreement that we say it is a pen, and that is called proof, pretty flimsy dont ya think.

Now the jews say the protocols of the elders of Zion is a proven forgery, well #1 a forgery is a copy, so what they are saying is its a copy of an original. #2 who proved it? how was it proven? #3 the very fact that the jew argues the forgery angle should be enough evidence for you to believe that the document is legit, why? because dumb ass, they dont argue the points made in the document, which are of course valid, and easily observable, no need to read books or neo nazirene web sites. they just argue it is anti-semitic hate literature. hate is one of their favorite code words, I see you like it too. The jew Karl marx said "accuse others of what you do"
what do jews do? they hate, they commit genocide, they steal, they rape, and thats what they accuse everyone else of doing, while they the sainted chosen people are persecuted. Why do you still fall for this silly game.

you play the jew role, by name calling, questioning my intelligence (mental health, sexuality) -you use loaded words like 'conspiracy theorist' as a means to sully me in the mind of jew programmed readers who have been made sensitive to such terms.
Your argument is empty, it is a diversion, my argument is to open your eyes to the truth all around us. CANT YOU ->SEE<- YOU ARE BEING JEWED? look around.

in answer to your question when did the jews get together and start plotting, as best we can tell it was when the egyptian pharoah ahkenaten (moses) and his Hebrew (from hibaru, meaning bandits) followers were kicked out of egypt. it wasnt the last time a nation got sick of hebrew bandits and tossed them out, lets hope one day the white man kicks them out of our lives permanently. cheers.

12:01 PM  
Blogger gary said...

One commenter says that the Jews invented Satan (can't argue there) and another says they are of Satan. Satan is a mythological being and so there cannot be a satanically-inspired Jewish conspiracy, nor can Jews be literally children of satan, as the Christian Identity folk say. In which case there cannot be a thousands of years old satanic Jewish conspiracy to rule the world. There is no one big conspiracy of Jews, or Jesuits, or Masons, or Illuminati. Or reptiles.

Calling someone hateful or ignorant who speaks of "niggers" and "mud people" is like calling the sky blue. Truth is a defense.

My suggestion is that you stop looking for confirming evidence for your grand anti-semitic conspiracy theory, and look at all the evidence. There are real conspiracies in this world. Also history is complex and cannot be reduced to a conspiracy.

You are welcome here any time, but please no racist slurs in the comments. On that I must insist. This is my blog. I have black and Jewish friends.

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The jews invented a myth, they have many myths, satan, the holyhoax, equality, race does not exist, etc...

How do you know there is no 1 big conspiracy? how do i know? I dont, but I can postulate, i can philosophize. I will try to keep this basic and short. It is human nature to survive, and survival is most assured when you are powerful, so the getting of power would seem to be desirous of humans. What is the best way to get power? through association with others who are LIKE you. why? because #1 we trust those who are most like us, #2 we have more affection for those who are like us ( unless we have been conditioned away from our raw primitive state) So with these ideas in mind, is it so hard to believe that one small racial group would conspire to rule the world, or 1 large racial group? is it not also reasonable to suggest that through seduction and intimidation this group could actually suceed?

IT IS NOT UNREASONABLE!, it is not crazy paranoid thinking, it is not the realm of the absurd nut jobs, it is logical, reasoned thinking. conspiracy is the most natural thing in the world, for 2 or more people to get together to forward a plan is obvious. why do we allow the jews media to hi-jack our thinking in such simple matters?

Gary since it is your blog, and you fear what your black and jewish friends think about whats written here, I will make an exit, for i will not censor myself when it comes to calling a spade a spade. the true measure of poiltical correctness, or rather, the ONLY measure of political correctness, is when you do not name the jew.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what Kosherbacon, your one stupid son of a bitch! I survived santanim, I was there among those scum, I witness cold blooded murder of children by white people. One more thing I've seen your web titles all over the place and you don't have nothing on them, jew crime/patriot militia. What your doing is searching these sites so you can spam your smut. What sperm did you come from pig? You don't have a militia! You racist go slop the pigs at the race hate boards and do your rant! I'm a nice jew, yeah we search these board too you mother!

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, now lunatics, take your meds and go to sleep. You are all the most retarded sorry excuses of human beings ever imaginable! Good grief, get a life!

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "It wasn't the last time a nation got sick of hebrew bandits and tossed them out."

LOL!! EXCELLENT! I couldn't have summarised it better myself.

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm sorry to hear your ordeal with the stupidity of fools worshiping devils and boogie men. Sadly devil worshipers are truly out there. However you are dead wrong about Satanists. Just like Mormons and Jehovah's witnesses aren't considered Christians, Devil worshipers aren't Satanists.

The Name "Satanism" was chosen for Shock value by its creator who enjoyed being shocking and at the center of attention. Lavey was a showman much like PT Barnum.

If you know where people are who are performing murders and violence, You have a civic duty to to do everything in your power to stop them.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"how can someone with a blog called Covert history not know this???"

Maybe he wants to keep his blog.

Listen, a lot of people are aware of the "jew" threat housed on our planet but they simply have to expose it and work against it without playing into their hands which would indeed be suicide. You can infer these people by paying attention to what they say and write, a wide range of people write blogs, newspaper articles, and tv comentary simply mention nothing of "jews" only their actions. Those who do not own a blog or media outlet are more willing to blather loudly about the "jew" threat. "Jews" are very frustrating as it is a concept of satanism as explained above more than a people so much. Moral honorable people do not understand jews and have a hard time dealing with them as you have to sink to their level to win unless their intellect is far superior and immersed in light. All in all if you find yourself frustrated by "jew" actions dont let anger or hate take hold, they depend on it.

Just know and change or direct your actions to frustrate them.

1:25 PM  
Blogger gary said...

"a concept of satanism as explained above more than a people so much."

OK... first people let me point out that this post had nothing to do with Jews. Second, Satan is a mythological being: if you believe otherwise, fine, but we're not buying crazy here at Covert History. Jews are human beings with a long cultural and religious history which is a mix of reason and nonsense like all religions and traditions. I am not going to attempt to reason with people who are beyond reason. I am a liberal democrat. I respect principled and honest conservatives. I abhor ignorance and bigotry as do all decent human beings.I suggest you rejoin the human race.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The people blaming all the world's ills on Jews are in reality self-hating goyim; in order to believe that Jews rule the world you also have to believe that non-Jews, who vastly outnumber Jews, are so incredibly stupid that they can be oppressed by a minority that doesn't even take up arms against them. In other words, the Jew haters are defeatists and losers who project all their own failures upon people who actually work hard to get their lot in life.

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gary there is no human race, human is a species not a race.

Magnus, what do superior numbers have to do with being enslaved? does not a single general order an entire army in a suicide mission? does not a single cult leader command legions of followers? the powerful are at the top of the food chain, they are few, the masses are down the chain, and in subservience to the elite (el-ite from EL or elohim in the bible, the jew god, which was a lunar god)

And who says the jews do not take up arms against non jews? I assure you the jewish elite are the most well armed in the world, further to that, they control large numbers of non jews as there henchmen. Are non jews stupid for allowing this oppression? some are some are not, and these days many have been tranced out by the jewsmedia to become non-threats, they are not dumb, just hypno-beings enslaved in a jewish matrix, one that includes satanism or any of its derivatives.

accusing Jew haters as losers who project their failures onto "hardworking" jews is just name calling and a weak argument, its like the neo-kahns who tell us we were attacked on 9-11 by muslims because muslims are jealous of the west. The only thing I envy about the jews is their power, i want it, i want it for whites, I want to rule in our own house, and shape our own future. Is that so bad? is that so hateful? Just get the fcuk out of my life Jew, thats all i ask, why does this make me a monster?

7:23 AM  
Blogger gary said...


1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As always, there is some truth in each opinion stated above.

I am unwilling to unilateraly denounce an entire segment of society, because the perception of difference (real or not) is a fundamental tool in the 'elite' program. By creating and exagerating the perception of difference (race, nationality, gender, politics, etc.) the groundwork is layed for the divide and conquor philosophy. When we short change ourselves by accepting such stereotypes, rather than thinking for ourselves, we inadvertantly play right into their hands. Herded, corraled, manipulated, enslaved, slaughtered...

Its never been a question of race. Everyone knows that the contemporary jew is genetically unrelated to the semitic people of biblical lore. Everyone knows that Bush places israeli interests above american interests, ad nauseum. As do most members of congress.

There are human rights groups within Israel that oppose apartheid and various other policies of the Israeli government. There are Mearsheimer and Walt who spoke up about AIPAC and its excessive influence. There is John Stewart. There are jews who are not zionists, and zionists that are not jews.
This makes it illogical and immoral to summarily dismiss all jews. (Perhaps by design, in some cases.)

Yes, there are people who are little better than cattle, who live up to the title (perhaps by allowing others to think for them), and may project their own shortcomings onto the world around them. There are indisputable tendencies to gravitate toward the familiar, we identify with what we find similar to ourselves more easily than the unknown or dis-similar, we are driven to survive, there is strength in numbers, and the few enslave the many. All true, all irrelevant!

The real issue, of course, is truth, which is a prerequisite for justice, which is the ultimate (righteous) objective. Tolerating injustice anywhere, is an affront to justice paraphrase MLK.

Everyone deserves justice, in my opinion. That said, the truth should need no defense. If you take offense to truth, you are either ignorant or a liar.

The world we know has been shaped by jewish influence, and that influence is hugely disproportionate to the relatively small percentage of world population for which jews account. (Rothschild, Marx Lenin, Greenspan, Bernanke, Murdoch, Chertov, Mukasey...)

There is a jewish connection to many attrocities. Columbine was perpetrated by jewish kids who hoped to escape to Israel. Volumes could be devoted to the jewish ties to 911. Deaths related to and resulting from the philosophy of communism and communist regimes (Russian 5 year plans and collectivism, Chinese purges, Laos, Cambodia, Viet Nam) number in untold millions.

Israel is an ally which makes enemies obsolete, just ask the good men of the USS Liberty. Look at the espionage conducted against us by our 'ally'. (Israeli art students, celebrating 5 on 911, Jonathan Pollard, Rosenbergs, AIPAC currently on trial) We are beholden to a system of enslavement that has been implemented (if not conceived) by jews...the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve banking and its fiat currency. Illegal according to our constitution. Illegaly taxed to death (51%, or more), and for what? Universal healthcare or higher education? Nope. Largely to supplicate a parasitic Israel with billions each year, nevermind that they are one of the largest economies and we are the largest debtor nation.

What of hypocrisy? Israel represents itself as the only democracy in the mideast. But it has no constitution, never declared borders, and appartheid which can only be described as collective punishment and gradual genocide. It openly advocates torture, and only recognizes human rights when they benefit jews. Born of terrorism, and openly ruled by confirmed terrorists (Begin, Maier), and yet it is a participant in the 'war on terror'?

There is no solace in the religious component, for what hypocrisy divides one religion so precariously between seemingly diametrically opposed philosophies as the talmud and torah? A tenet of which renews annualy the adherants right and intention to break oathes at will...a religion that celebrates annualy the commission of an attrocity in the ambush and slaughter of unsuspecting victims (Purim). That idolizes murderers like Meihr Kahane, who opened fire on unarmed muslims in a mosque as they prayed.

For me the most damning revelation came in the form of a picture. During the summer war (in which Israel took an ass whipping from Hezbolah), a photo was circulated briefly that showed a gathering of Israeli citizens at a military installation. The parents had come out in the early morning with their small children, so many that a line of people was visible in the background. Israeli's lined up in the early morning, to have their small children sign and scribble greetings to the palestinians...ON LIVE MUNITIONS. Families lined up, so that small children could write 'from Israel with love', and 'good luck' on live munitions about to be deployed against civilians.

Think about that for a moment. Think about the bottomless depravity required to do such a thing. Imagine the shameless immorality that is instilled in those children by such a calous act. Now imagine that malignant assinine attitude being so pervasive that the entire community engages publicly and snaps photos for posterity.

All from a society that has milked sympathy from the world for the (alleged) holocaust. Good people would work to prevent such a tradgedy after experiencing it, but not Israel. Israel politicizes and capitalizes on the experience, and simultaneously engages in genocide and collective punishment against the palestinians. Depravity of biblical proportions, unimaginable hypocrisy...

So, there is where I will leave it. Every thing listed above is fact, if you don't know, check it out and learn.

Everyone is entitled to the opportunity to demonstrate that they are better than those people described above...those who can't or won't are the problem.

I am not offended when people point out the criminal policies of my government, the fact that Dahmer was a caucasian is not a fact I would hide, nor would I defend his actions. Nor would I give a rats ass what my jewish friends thought of the truth.

Some nations have jailed holocaust deniers, if that is acceptable, then what should be done with apologists for such behavior as that described above? Given the perverse force exerted against truth and decency by the proponents of the jewish status quo, it should be considered an act of complicity in the attrocities past and those unfolding before us. How should such a crime be punished?

Obviously, we should raise taxes in order to send them more money, and send our children to die in an illegal war of agression against an entirely innocent nation. Let the precious youth of israel observe from afar and nurture the philisophical cancer that will yield the next generation of leadership.

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, if you are chosen by GOD, then what have you been chosen to do?

I really don't think GOD would have chosen you to kill, discriminate and steal. If so, then your GOD is F UPPED, JUST LIKE YOU. And that is all I have to say on this matter.

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone wrote above, "Everyone deserves Justice". I like that. The further root then, is everyone must DO justice, be just.

It matters not what your stories and arguments are- all the "personalities" and "images" in your life are in your head. You want "THE JEWS", or "THE ANYBODY" out of your life? Turn off the TV, stating with the one in your brain.

Thats why we need the Holy Spirit of God to fill our lives,otherwise another, destructive one will. Man is an empty vessel waiting for light, or darkness.

5:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I long ago turned off the TV, but there is no escape, the jews are omnipresent, their satanic tentacles touch everything. is a war of annihilation the only answer?
seems to me whites must first hit rock bottom before we can turn it around. we need the Jews to fake the second coming, we need horror above and beyond what the Jews have already given us. the best (worst) is yet to come.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous is correct. You cannot get to the truth if you are concerned about hurting the feelings of blacks or jews, or if you are afraid to be called a racist or anti-semite. Jews are successful because they work as a team Against all others. Blacks are a tool jews use to batter, threaten and weaken the white race, which by the way does exist. There are many who are aware but do not name names, instead fight their efforts, beliefs, their goals. History cannot be understood unless you consider the power of jews, as they have become the primary movers of the last 200 years. Whites must use the same tactics to succeed. We exist, we are valuable, our blood and race must be preserved, all decisions must be based on is it good for the white race. Everyone else is doing this exactly, including gary's jewish and black friends. Only whites are haters for feeling and acting such. Why has history been rewritten and hidden? To hide the role of the jews which was known widely through 5000 years. Innocent? I don't think 5000 years of persecution happens for no reason. They are the purest of haters. Whites are facing a real genocide with immigration and miscegenation. Asian and black countries work hard to preserve their racial integrity. Only white countries are being "assimilated", this is a slow motion genocide pure and simple, and there are many self-hating whites who think this is a good thing. I disagree. I act accordingly.

10:59 AM  
Blogger gary said...

"Satanic tentacles" and "war of annihilation". A 5000 year war against the Jews. Why do the haters always deny they are anti-semites and then prove it? Probably for the same reason that the white supremacists are always themselves the worst argument for white supremacy. Ignorance is one thing but combined with hatred it makes for a very disgusting combination. Hitler lost--get over it.

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gary, gary , gary.

semite refers to noahs son shem, no evidence of the existence of either of those two characters. most jews are descended from Khazars. the arabs are also desended from shem (if you believe the bible) so the real anit-semites are JEWS, as they persecute palestinians . hahaha

white supremacists. --this is another one a lot of people get wrong. supremacy refers to power and subjugation, the race on top is the supreme one (right now jews)
it has nothing to do with whether you think your race is biologically or spiritually "better" than any other. The United states is controlled by jewish supremacists, who know that they are for the most part biologically inferior to whites. They are still Jewish supremacists, because they believe they should rule over all other races, and this is codified in their holy books.

Your last mistake is about hitler losing. Adolf rothschild hitler was of jewish blood, he was financed by jews, and his role was to start war and pretend to be a nordic supremacist, he did his job well, he succeeded, he won, as did all NAZIrenes, they gained a state (Izzy), and they genocided multi millions of their toughest enemy.

jew hitler won. I still cant get over it.

9:56 AM  
Blogger gary said...

Anonymous, anonymous, anonymous..

All I can say is oh my fucking god. Is there anything, no matter how stupid, how insane, that you will not believe if it supports your jew-hatred?

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't really honor the more rediculous rants above with a response so I'll just say this...

If you're interested in "White Power", "White Supremacy", etc. I truly have no issue with that. The problem is that it is associated with simpletons who, like you apparently, can only focus on comparing yourselves to others, hating those different from you (or those who have "achieved disproportionate power" if you like).

It begs the question why? If you really want your particular "group" to be in power then it would seem the best way forward would be to show the benefits of that in and of itself, instead of focusing anger, hatred, etc. towards another group. That is always the tell-tell sign of simple hatred hiding behind a cause.

On the one hand they are these "evil", "coordinated" people...on the other you wish to have, and do, exactly what you claim to hate them for in the first place.

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, you guys are such morons. white racists are that all you got??? I dont hate anyone, racism has nothing to do with hate. It just goes to show you that there is no future in debate, you anti-racist idiots dont even speak the same language, i have to define terms for you, me the stupid redneck racist, jew publik skool really f'd you guys up badly.

Gary calls me stupid and insane for believing Hitler was a jew. WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!

ok hitler was a full blooded norwegian descended from Odin, are you happy now, am I dancing the jew jig for ya.

why am I wrong to think agent provocateurs do not exist? why am I insane to believe the hegelian dialectic is never used to advance a program? why am I stupid to believe power craft is not practiced by humans? Why do white racists intelligently challenge stupid anti-racists, when anti-racists can only understand simple ideas like HATE, and never move beyond having the jewsmedia think for them?
up is down, black is white, peace is war, there is no end to what the judeo-educated will believe.

Gary once again, you embarrass yourself, you are an empty suit, you cannot answer my challenge with even an iota of intelligent thought. hate hate hate, thats the only argument you guys got, and you never even pondered what hate is either, just caught up in the catch phrases of the day.

I am finished trying to educate you, enjoy your slavery...of body and mind. oy vey

11:44 AM  
Blogger gary said...

If you have any actual, credible evidence that Hitler was Jew, let's see it. Otherwise, you're just an idiot.

I would almost welcome an anti-semite who would admit it, who would just say "I hate Jews." Instead they go on and on about the insidious 5000 year-old satanic conspiracy by Jews to either ruin or control the world, and then say they don't hate Jews.

Hitler was not a Jew. There is no 5000-year old satanic Jewish conspiracy. All your beliefs are wrong--and so incredibly unsupported by any facts that only bigotry could explain anyone holding them. And no anti-semite is going to have the last word on my blog.

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone know what this means?


"The German nation is a threat to us Jews."

--Emil Ludwig Cohen wrote in his book The New Holy Alliance, Strasburg, 1938:

"Even if Hitler at the last moment would want to avoid war which would destroy him he will, in spite of his wishes, be compelled to wage war."

--Bernard Lechache wrote in The Right to Live (December 1938):

"It is our task to organise the moral and cultural blockade of Germany and disperse this nation. It is up to us to start a merciless war."

--The Jewish newspaper Central Blad Voor Israeliten in Nederlands printed on 13 September 1939:

"The millions of Jews living in America, England, France, North Africa and South, not forgetting Palestine, have decided to carry on the war in Germany to the very end. It is to be a war of extermination."

--The Toronto Star (26 February 1940) printed a declaration of a Rabbi Perlberg, Director of the British section of the Jewish World Congress:

"The Jewish World Congress is in a state of war with Germany for seven years."

--The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago printed in its issue of 8 October 1940:

"When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this [the war] is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right."

Hitler now put into operation the plan of getting all German areas into one state and all Germans under one German Government. The Germans in the Rhineland, the Germans in Austria and the Sudeten Germans responded willingly. In January 1935, the Saar Valley voted to return to Germany with a 90 per-cent poll in favour. There were also Germans in East Prussia and in Danzig now divided by land ceded to Poland by the Treaty of Versailles. It is interesting to note that between 1933 and 1937 10,000 Jews migrated to Hitler's Germany, 97 of them from Palestine.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what the hell does this mean? I dont get it!

Vladimir Jabotinsky, founder of the Irgun Zvai Leumi terrorist organisation, wrote in the January 1934 issue of Mascha Rjetach:

"For months now the struggle against Germany is waged by each Jewish community at each conference in all our syndicates and by each Jew all over the world. There is reason to believe that our part in this struggle has general value. We will start a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany's ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand Germany's total destruction, collectively and individually."

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont get it, you mean the jews declared war on germany?!! my teachers told me different.

24 March 1933, on the front page of the London Daily Express appeared the main headlines: "Judaea declares war on Germany: Jews of all the world unite", and followed with:

'The Israelite people of the entire world declare economic and financial war on Germany. The appearance of the Swastika as the symbol of the new Germany revives the old war symbol of the Jews. Fourteen million Jews stand as one body to declare war on Germany. The Jewish wholesale dealer leaves his business, the banker his bank,
the shopkeeper his shop, the beggar his miserable hut in order to combine forces in the holy war against Hitler's people.'

The German government was removing Jews from influential positions and transferring power back to the German people. This declaration of war by the Jews on Germany was repeated throughout the world. The first boycott of Jewish business concerns came after this Jewish declaration of war in April 1933.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wait a second, did jews really control the media?

Dr. Manfred Reifer, a well known leader of the Jews of Bukovina, wrote in the Jewish magazine Czernowitzer Allegemeine Zeitung (September 1933):

'Whilst large sections of the German nation were struggling for the preservation of their race, we Jews filled the streets of Germany with our vociferations. We supplied the press with articles on the subject of its Christmas and Easter and administered to its religious beliefs in the manner we considered suitable. We ridiculed the highest ideals of the German nation and profaned the matters which it
holds sacred.'

Bernard Lecache, President of the World Jewish League, stated:

'Germany is our public enemy number one. It is our object to declare war without mercy against her.'

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you mean to tell me that it was the jews who stopped the peace process, kinda like what they are doing in the middle east these days, wow, who whoulda thunk it!!


An agreement was signed between Germany (Hitler) and Great Britain (Neville Chamberlain) which suggested a peaceful revision of the wrongs committed by the Treaty of Versailles. A four-power conference was suggested which would preserve the peace. The four powers were Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy.

The paper Truth of 5 January 1952 stated that Mr. Oswald Pirow, South African Minister of Defence, was sent on a mission to Germany in 1938 by General Smuts to ease the tension on the Jewish issue. The British Prime Minister told Pirow that pressure of International Jewry was one of the principal obstacles to an Anglo-German accommodation and that it would greatly help him resist that pressure if Hitler could be induced to moderate his policy towards the German Jews. Pirow stated that Hitler viewed this idea with favour and an Anglo-German agreement was in sight; the effect would have been, in the event of war, to limit the conflict to Germany and Russia, with the other great powers intervening to enforce their own terms when the combatants were exhausted.

However, the Four Nations Pact was not to be. The Jews put an end to this, for on 7 November 1938, a few weeks after the Munich Agreement and shortly before the journey to Paris of the German Foreign Minister, Von Ribbentrop, the Polish Jew, Herschel Feibel Grynszpan murdered the German Third Secretary of State, Ernst von Rath, in the German Embassy in Paris. The five bullets fired were the logical result of the Jews' declaration of war on Germany of March 1933 and put an end to the effort being made to explain and extend the importance of the Munich Agreement and the revision of the Treaty of Versailles.

This assassination provoked anti-Jewish riots in Germany, with the burning of synagogues and the looting and burning of Jewish shops. The anti-Jewish riots inflamed public opinion in Great Britain and the USA against Chamberlain's efforts to relieve Anglo-German tension. In the United States Germans were assaulted and persecuted. The Jews began leaving Germany.

The Paris magazine L'Ami du Peuple wrote about them:

"These people fled from Germany because they attempted to set up a rule of fire and blood and to let loose the horrors of civil war and universal chaos."

The American Secretary of State, James Forrestal, who later died in mysterious circumstances, wrote in his Forrestal Diaries (Cassel and Co., London 1952):

"Have played golf with Joe Kennedy [US Ambassador in Britain, father of President John Kennedy]. According to him, Chamberlain declared that Zionism and world Jewry have obliged England to enter the war."

The Jew, Schlomo Asch, in a pep talk to French troops in the line in Le Nouvelles Litteraires (10 February 1940) wrote:

"This is our war and you are fighting it for us. Even if we Jews are not bodily in the trenches we are nevertheless morally with you."

On 8 October 1942 Sentinel magazine stated unequivocally:

"The Second World War is being fought for the defence and fundamentals of Judaism."

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jews using terror? and genocide? this cant be, somebody tell me my history books were correct. was i being lied to? afterall we are talking about gawds chosen here.


Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain had given an assurance that:

"The British Government would never resort to the deliberate attack on women and children and other civilians for the purpose of mere terrorism."

However, his successor Winston Churchill appointed as his personal adviser the Jewish Professor Lindemann. Lindemann, later Lord Cherwell, suggested the bombing of German cities and that working class areas were legitimate targets, and from then onwards the last vestiges of civilised decency in warfare were abandoned.


In 1941, long before there was any assembling of Jews for the supposed extermination camps, a Jew, Theodor N. Kaufman, wrote 'Germany Must Perish.' Kaufman set out a plan for the total destruction of the German population by a very simple method: the mass sterilisation of all German men and women between the age of puberty and sixty years. He described the construction of the organisation for doing this. This book was the basis of the Morgenthau Plan for the total destruction of German industry and the enslavement of the German race. Naturally these intentions of Germany's enemy got into the hands of the German propaganda minister Goebbels, and it stiffened the resistance of the German nation to avoid defeat. The Morgenthau Plan formed the basis of discussions between President Roosevelt and Soviet leader Stalin acting through his liaison officer, the Soviet Jew Zabrousky, and also formed the basis of the Yalta Agreement.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiler a jew, say it aint so.

According to a book by a psychoanalyst, Walter Langer, called The Mind of Hitler, not only was Hitler supported by the Rothschilds, he WAS a Rothschild. This revelation fits like a glove with the actions of the Rothschilds and other Illuminati bloodlines in Germany who brought Hitler to the fore as dictator of that nation. He was also supported by the British Royal Family, the House of Windsor (in truth the German House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha), and these included the British royal "war hero", Lord Mountbatten, a Rothschild and a Satanist.

Their royal relatives in Germany, who you would never have thought would normally support an apparent guy from the street like Hitler, were among his most enthusiastic supporters. But, of course, they knew who he really was. There is no way in the world when you do any study of the Illuminati obsession with bloodline that Hitler would not have been one of them. Langer writes:

"Adolf’s father, Alois Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. It was generally supposed that the father of Alois Hitler (Schicklgruber) was Johann Georg Hiedler. There are some people who seriously doubt that Johann Georg Hiedler was the father of Alois… (an Austrian document was) prepared that proved Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived. At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back home... where Alois was born."

Langer’s information came from the high level Gestapo officer, Hansjurgen Koehler, published in 1940, under the title "Inside the Gestapo". He writes about the investigations into Hitler’s background carried out by the Austrian Chancellor, Dolfuss, in the family files of Hitler.

Koehler actually viewed a copy of the Dolfuss documents which were given to him by Heydrich, the overlord of the Nazi Secret Service. The file, he wrote, "caused such havoc as no file in the world ever caused before" (Inside the Gestapo, p 143). He also revealed that:

"..The second bundle in the blue file contained the documents collected by Dolfuss. The small statured, but big-hearted Austrian Chancellor must have known by such a personal file he might be able to check Hitler…His task was not difficult; as ruler of Austria he could easily find out about the personal data and family of Adolf Hitler, who had been born on Austrian soil... Through the original birth certificates, police registration cards, protocols, etc., all contained in the original file, the Austrian Chancellor succeeded in piecing together the disjointed parts of the puzzle, creating a more or less logical entity.

A little servant girl… (Hitler’s grandmother)… came to Vienna and became a domestic servant, mostly working for rather rich families. But she was unlucky; having been seduced, she was about to bear a child. She went home to her village for her confinement… Where was the little maid serving in Vienna? This was not a very difficult problem. Very early Vienna had instituted the system of compulsory police registration. Both servants and the employers were exposed to heavy fines if they neglected this duty. Chancellor Dolfuss managed to discover the registration card. The little, innocent maid had been a servant at the…Rothschild mansion. ..and Hitler’s unknown grandfather must be probably looked for in this magnificent house. The Dolfuss file stopped at this statement."

Was Hitler’s determination to take over Austria anything to do with his desire to destroy records of his lineage?

A correspondent who has extensively researched this subject writes:

"It appears to me that Hitler knew about his connection long before his Chancellorship. Like his father before him, when the going got rough, the Hitlers went to Vienna. Hitler’s father left his home village at an early age to seek his fortune in Vienna. When Hitler was orphaned, after his mother died in December of 1907, he left for Vienna not long after the funeral.

There he seemed to drop out of sight for ten months! What happened during this ten-month stay in Vienna is a complete mystery on which history sheds no light. It makes sense, now that it has become established that Hitler was a Rothschild, that he and his cousins were getting acquainted, and his potential for future family endeavors was being sized up".

The Rothschilds and the Illuminati produce many offspring out of wedlock in their secret breeding programmes and these children are brought up under other names with other parents. Like Bill Clinton, who is almost certainly a Rockefeller produced in the same way, these "ordinary kids from ordinary backgrounds" go on to be extraordinarily successful in their chosen field. Hitler, too, would have produced unofficial children to maintain his strand of the bloodline and there will obviously be people of his bloodline alive today.

So which Rothschild was the grandfather of Hitler? My thanks to a website correspondent for the additional, updated, information to this article, a man has researched this story in some detail. Alois, Hitler’s father, was born in 1837 in the period when Salomon Mayer was the only Rothschild who lived at the Vienna mansion. Even his wife did not live there because their marriage was so bad that she stayed in Frankfurt. Their son, Anselm Salomon spent most of his working life in Paris and Frankfurt away from Vienna and his father.

Father Salomon Mayer, living alone at the Vienna mansion where Hitler’s grandmother worked, is the prime, most obvious candidate. And Hermann von Goldschmidt, the son of Salomon Mayer’s senior clerk, wrote a book, published in 1917, which said of Salomon:

"…by the 1840s he had developed a somewhat reckless enthusiasm for young girls.."


"He had a lecherous passion for very young girls, his adventures with whom had to be hushed up by the police."

And Hitler’s grandmother, a young girl working under the same roof would not have been the subject of Salomon’s desire? And this same girl became pregnant while working there? And her grandson becomes the Chancellor of Germany, funded by the Rothschilds, and he started the Second World War which was so vital to the Rothschild-Illuminati agenda? And the Illuminati are obsessed with putting their bloodlines into power on all "sides" in a conflict? And the Rothschilds are one of their most key bloodlines? And it is all a co-incidence?

12:33 PM  
Blogger gary said...

Man, you're nuts.

"The German nation is a threat to us Jews."

--Emil Ludwig Cohen

I'd have to say Emil was right. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe these Jews recognized that Hitler was an enemy early on. Maybe they read his book and his speeches. To accuse Jews of waging a "war of extermination" against the Germans certainly shows a disconnect from reality. And your comments about secret Illuminati breeding programs prove you're nuts.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

once again you answer with nothing.

of course the german nation was said to be a threat, just as Israel now says the arabs and persians are a threat. if you want to war with someone, you had better paint them with tar first, otherwise you lose the moral high ground. Jews always play the victim, man this is kidergarten stuff.

Believing a breeding program exists makes me nuts. How so?

Now i know a thoughtless schlub like yourself thinks nothing of who he mates with, but even the dumb farmer selectively breeds his animals. To think that the elite do not have breeding programs (for whatever reason) shows a total lack of insight and creativity, obviously you are not even close to being elite, you cant come close to thinking their thoughts. you are very low on the food chain.

so what are you saying gary, my footnotes are lies, jews never said these things?

--The Jewish newspaper Central Blad Voor Israeliten in Nederlands printed on 13 September 1939:

"The millions of Jews living in America, England, France, North Africa and South, not forgetting Palestine, have decided to carry on the war in Germany to the very end. It is to be a war of extermination."

but nevermind what jews say, look at what they do. Multi millions of whites dead at the end of the war, and less than a million jew dead (according to the red cross numbers)
and yet jews make a religion out of their holyhoax, and make everyone forget about the multi millions of whites they slaughtered.

churchill a jew, stalin a jew, hitler a jew, and scores of others there is no denying it.

how do you explain that Jews were nazi generals, field marshals, and admirals?

Jew field-marshal Erhard Milch
Jew Luftwaffe General Helmut Wilberg; Hitler declared him Aryan in 1935.

Jew Johannes Zukertort (last rank general)

Jew Colonel Walter H. Hollaender

Jew Admiral Bernhard Rogge

Jew Commander Paul Ascher, Admiral Lütjens's first staff officer on the battleship Bismarck

And Nazi generals were also married to jews...General Gotthard Heinrici wife was a jew.

How do you explain the Nazi's kosher army gary? shouldnt these jews have been getting gassed instead of leading the german armed forces over europe killing whites??

dont tell me, i know, Im nuts.

3:51 PM  
Blogger gary said...

Hitler announced to the world that he hated Jews. They were right to consider him an enemy. Then he killed some 5-6 million of them. You probably don't believe that. One of my rules of thumb is that anyone who talks about the Illuminati is nuts. Sorry. There is no Illuminati-Jewish conspiracy. The holocaust did happen. The Nazis were bad people.

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jew hitler announced jews were scum, what would you expect of an agent provocateur gary? no value in jew hitler saying jews were benign, and a credit to germany.

The elite jews who funded hitler and put him in power knew he was their greatest weapon. even today we see that the white racist who screams the loudest about jews (AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!!!!) is usually an agent provocateur in employ of the jews. White nationalist (FBI informant)Hal turner is the latest.

6 million number came from a prophecy in the jew Talmud, jews tried the 6 million # scam after WW one as well, they finally made it stick after WW two, and used their multi million "holocaust surviviors" as propaganda tools to promote it. kudos to them for the most successful (and profitable) marketing campaign in history.

Illuminati is a secret society, dont you believe secret societies exist gary? NO? well then thats my litmus test for labeling you as nuts.

I quoted from an article, i myself dont use the term 'illuminati', I use the proper term "JEWS"

The nazis were bad people, yes I agree, they helped to murder 100 million whites. lets hope whites never again fall prey to phony jew funded "white nationalists" ever again.

Gary i urge you to read about the hegelian dialectic, potmekin villages, and false flag attacks.
this world is not what it seems.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a few things that are fresh in my mind:

1. Yes, Gary, Hitler's mother was Jewish.

2. The Swastika was a Hindu religous symbol not Jewish.

3. The Jewish god was the storm god, not the moon god. The muslim god is the moon god, and no, they are not the same god, contrary to whatever you may hear today.

4. Moses was never the Pharaoh of Egypt.

5. A Danish businessman was the first to cash in on the slave trade to the Americas and this was openly condoned by the Pope, because he said that the indigenous peoples should not be made slaves in thier homeland.

6. You can also thank the Pope for the Jewish race being so heavily embedded in banking because it was he who stated that no Christian should benefit monetarily from the act of lending another money. If there was no benefit, there was no reason to go into banking, and guess who was in Europe that didn't follow Christian doctrine, that's right, the Jews. There was a void and they filled it, not thier fault, that's just how it works.

Are you all for real? A little bit of truth mixed with a shitstorm of propaganda is an extremely scary thing, as we can tell by all of the posts here. Do any of you truly believe that the Jews are responsible for everything that goes wrong in the world? Open your damn eyes and look around, every race wants to dominate the world. Its not about race, its about human nature. Humans are animals (scientific truth)and it is our instincts to want to dominate those around us. If one race were to actually rule the world, how long would it be until they cannibalize thier own?

Anyway, feel free to blast me too, I won't be checking back in on the idiocy that abounds here. Thanks for the comedy. Please don't breed.

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes you will check back in.

hitlers father was jew (a rothsclid) not mother.

Swastika is also jewish, it can be found in synagogues still today, some say it was also a nordic symbol, found inscribed among runes. The main thing is it represents the sun (solar cult) nothing particularly German about that.

moon god storm god, its all myth either way.

Moses was ahkenaten (sp?) No i dont have PROOF, do you have proof that he wasnt? Moses as ahkenaten makes better sense. thats not proof, thats reason. thats all we got.

A dane was not the fist to cash in on the slave trade, the primordial humans were, slavery is eternal, Im just saying jews are the most notorious slave masters, the most prolific, the most enduring.

as for the pope, the papacy was infiltrated by jews probably from the get go, remember christianity is a jewish religion, and the catholics consider jew peter to be the first pope, JP11 was a polish jew, and this ratzinger guy, who knows, but he sure bends over backwards to kiss jew ass.

The jews didnt take up banking because whites were forbidden. You would have me believe that a white monarch is going to allow jews to control the money supply just because a pope tells him thats the way its got to be. Yeah sure, lets enrich and empower jews through usury and the holding of the purse strings, even though usury is immoral. Why not just ban usury for everyone?? Because the jew papcy wanted to benefit its masters, the jews. same goes for the jew monarchs of europe. white people have very rarely held power in their own countries. thats evidenced simply by observation, what more proof do you need. I dont see any white power now or then, do you?

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

annon you sure have your shit together!

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm .... Consider yourself lukcy not to know.... Do you really want to know what secrets the government holds *dont mind my spelling* or do you just like the idea of Looking for something forbidden. Seems to me if you were handed the truth You (all) More then likely would know what to do with it.

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of you have no idea what your talking about. The Church of Satan, and Satanists, do no worship Lucifer, the devil, w/e you wanna call it as a red evil demon with horns who chills in hell. Satan is symbolic of the evil inside everyone, the devil within the human. It is about revenge, self gain, self interest, doing whats best for you, the self, fulfilling your desires, doing whatever the fuck you want. And by definition if this secret illumanati and other shit and people involved are exactely that.

7:56 PM  
Blogger OnceSmitten said...

Narcissists are the only people who reaquire power over others, other than for reasons of security and safety and they come in many colors and with many different kinds of hood ornaments (God, satan, Allah, Muhammad, GE, GM, Shell, Standard Oil, etc.) lots of gangs (clubs, political groups, "elite" organizations) but the point is that they all have on thing in common; a destroyed or missing spiritual core that connects them with the rest of the human race. They are in a constant state of aggression against others and are readily offended by the very existence of those they consider a threat. Read Kernberg, Kohut, even Freud. Read the DSM and find out about the personality disorders that are based in narcissism. Some of you might find your pictures in there but yes, there are those for whom no amount of human pain and suffering will ever be enough because they cannot, not will not or refuse to but they literally cannot experience empathy for others. Some are this way with intergenerational aspects, supportive families like the Bush's and some are renegades of a sort, rising up out of cultures of abuse and neglect like Hitler and Stalin to apply endless energy and focus to their end of consolidating power and feeding on the evidence of it provided by the numbers of dead. Empathy is a heavy burden that the healthy psyche is insulated against self destruction with but when it's gone for whatever reason, it frees up a lot of energy for use in attaining what the narcissist needs; attention. The narcissist has no sense of their own self save for that provided by others.
Certainly there is a whole other collection of dimensions that we inhabit that are places of residence for being we do not understand, and some of them are quite powerful and some quite interested in the appropriation of energy, but we provide the labels and we are who play childish games with summoning them and exciting their interest. There is no one satan just as there is no one allah or god and there are millions of christs, billions of buddhas. The human race needs to grow out of this game of blame and learn to walk and stop shitting and pissing on itself like squalling babies before the planet shuts us all down.
Good luck with that, kids.

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Unity4All said...

I love haters.

5:23 PM  
Anonymous old sojur said...

Hitler was Jewish, he was also a coprophile[shit-eater], male prostitute in his youth, and a peyote user.
He was also a puppet, just like the rest of europes', gullible, but well meaning, 'working classes'.

His early experiences, shaped his future.Abused become abusers.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well if Hitler was a Jew he did a top job of getting rid his fellow kin.

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Gary,

This is intended to be a short comment, but if I warm to my task, it might extend...

Some people commenting here seem to forget that we are all 1 race, the human race. Yes, the "white" race does not exist; they are all colours, ranging from very pale cream through blotchy pink to a delicately light tan. Some commenters have stated (I paraphrase) that all the Jews want is to take over the world (whilst claiming that they already have!); what "we" should do is to do the same, no doubt at the expense of the Jews. I do not see the difference.

As a matter of fact, the word Semitic refers to those peoples living in what used to be known as Palestine, irrespective of what religion they espoused. Therefore, technically the Israelis are being anti-Semitic in their oppression of the Palestinian people. Note that I do not say the Jews. Israel is a state that claims to be made up of Jews. There are indeed very many Jews in Israel, but there are a large minority of Arab Palestinians, who prefer to live in Israel, due to the higher standard of living there. However, they are regarded as 2nd class citizens in what is their own country.

The raw primitive idea that human beings can only relate to others like themselves shows just how little the human race has learnt over milennia. I hate you because you are different? This is the mentality of the school bully. What I say goes, because I am bigger/nastier/stronger, etc., than you. Surprisingly, most of those who are bullied at school are not the weak, ugly, or otherwise unattractive ones, but the gentler, often talented, intelligent ones, who are hated because of their advantages, not their weaknesses. This just boils down to envy and jealousy.

I am drawing to a close, and would make no apologies for the length of this comment, as I feel very strongly that the sheer volume of nasty comments above, coupled with the most dubious misinterpretation of history and writings taken out of context should at least be countered by somebody, whether you agree with what I am saying or not, in the interest of balance. Otherwise a perfectly reasonable, interesting piece of writing on an aspect of history that not many people know about, would have become completely hijacked by those with violent extremist views, seeking to portray these as some kind of norm.

Although these people do not like to be regarded as indulging in hate speech, the fact that one could substitute "black", "muslim", "gay", "chink", or any such similar word into their arguments, without altering the sense, shows that this is a formulaic method of attack, whatever the target, and therefore, by stereotyping the enemy, clearly demonstrates that this is truly hate speech, meaning that it is directed willy-nilly against all and any of the selected target group.

What makes it worse is some of these commenters are clearly highly intelligent people who have obviously spent a great deal of time researching their subject. However, I should rather say allegedly researching, as it would appear they some of them have been very selective in choosing their quotes. If time would permit, I am sure that an equally powerful argument could be found for the opposite side of the story.

The fact that somebody (Hitler) who was so totally against the Jews can be portrayed here as an undercover Jewish agent, just shows that anybody, you and me included, could be a part of the worldwide Jewish plot against humanity! Unbelievable!!

Finally to Gary, please do not let yourself be put off from examining some of the less attractive aspects of our Western history, by those who seek to use any excuse whatsoever as a platform to launch attacks on those who they see as enemies of freedom. What they fail to see is that they have just held a mirror up to themselves.

3:07 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

True in its way: They practice Left Hand Path subversion, justifying criminality on behalf of America's occult theocracy. They absolutely employ witches and black magic is one of their weapons. Zakaos Breedlove on YouTube is a good source.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

You might be aware that your bullshit comes right out of Satanism. The Joy of Satan website will interest you otherwise.

4:56 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

As a Satanist you are aware of the auto-deistic nature of your religion; Satan uses all kinds, and as an opportunist you should understand that as well.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:22 AM  

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