Friday, December 28, 2007

The Bhutto Assassination Cover-up

The "official story" in the Bhutto is coming out. She didn't die from the bomb explosion, or from gunshot wounds, or from shrapnel, as was later reported. She hit her head, violently against the sunroof as she ducked back into the vehicle. She was killed by al-Qaeda. There is a transcript.

The new story, however, is inconsistent with what a doctor on the surgical team told the Associated Press:

Bhutto was rushed into surgery. A doctor on the surgical team said a bullet in the back of her neck damaged her spinal cord before exiting from the side of her head. Another bullet pierced the back of her shoulder and came out through her chest, he said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media. She was given an open-heart massage, but the spinal cord damage was too great, he said.
Also, according to ABC News:

A security adviser to Bhutto's party said she was shot in the neck and chest. The gunman then blew himself up.

Well, at least the autopsy should reveal the truth. Oh, wait: Government sources say there will be an investigation to determine why no autopsy was conducted.

Bhutto herself was more afraid of the government than al Qaeda. As she told the Reverend Jessie Jackson:

She felt far more threaten by the Musharraf government as she did by Taliban or Al Qaeda. She felt that as she mentioned it, about that Taliban and Al Qaeda was a pretext to clandestine -- to control by fear. So, her focus really was on the government.
Bhutto had spoken to Parade magazine about the earlier attack on her life:

The Musharraf propaganda machine called it a suicide attack by Islamic extremists. Bhutto herself believed it was the dirty work of Musharraf’s political allies. The ISI, Pakistan’s infamous security service, is infiltrated by ideologically jihadist elements that support al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists in Pakistan's border provinces. Bhutto had tried as prime minister to eject the ISI from politics, but that “country within a country” managed to overthrow her instead. She was well aware the security services were less than enthusiastic about Benazir Bhutto becoming prime minister a third time.


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Yes yes, she bumped her head.
Move along now, nothing to see here.
Al Qaeda, that's who it was.

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Keep up the good work. I like how you handle the haters!

May the New Year bring you all the blessings you don't even know you desire!


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