Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trent Lott, the Faerie Queen?

"The most important rule you can follow when taking people's money in exchange for sex is that—no matter what—their lives stay their own and whatever passes between the two of you remains private. Period."
I understand that Benjamin Nicholas is now denying any relationship with Trent Lott. But then he would, wouldn't he, according to his own "rule."

"I will continue to offer a great sense of confidentiality to the people I see. I have not, nor have I ever seen or had contact with Senator Trent Lott. It's as simple as that. It never happened."
The first sentence here raises the possibility that the rest of it is a lie to protect a client. I admire his professionalism.

Yet another test of Buell's Law: "If a prominent male political figure is accused of some sort of sexual misconduct or indiscretion--HE DID IT."

Update: BigHead DC posts the emails the escort says he never sent.

Update: From Down With Tyranny

I have it from a reliable DC source that "Lott would cruise the area gay bars whilst wearing a different toupée from his usual one. He apparently thought that was enough of a disguise."
I think AmbienteG nails it:

El chapero, temeroso de perder clientela en la capital del reino, escribe en su blog que nunca ha tenido una relación con el recién dimitido político al tiempo que defiende la discreción en su trabajo.


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