Sunday, October 14, 2007


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)...I wasnt lying when I said I was abducted by Air Force jumpsuit wearing gov't assholes in Goodland , Kansas (Bumfuck, Egypt , semi-famous for a giant billboard painting of Van Gogh's Sunflowers ), thrown into an underground cellblock with bulletholes in the wall, power tools and heavy vomiting down the hall a few cells down, and the jumpsuit comes out with the cowboy and says, pulling off plastic gloves, throwing them into the biohazard trashcan, he says "That guy was Taliban"..His jumpsuit had a logo of an indian throwing a spear with the title the " The Ridder Massacre" on it...I wrote a letter to the Amnesty International detailing all this shit...That was all several months BEFORE the Washington Post came out with the black sites exposure...Those There was also the sound of large electrical conducters (I read that the Om Rikkyu cult would render bodies with giant microwave ovens for disposal)...They fully shackled me and transported me a few hours away to the Ft. Larned Mental Institution ("oh, he's just crazy, don't believe him!!")...You should have seen the inside of this truck: it was straight out of fuckin' Star Trek!! There were codes on a large screen, with multiple color variations (Signal Corps intel shit, I'm sure), all kinds of fancy electronics. I have a much longer story to tell then what "1000 characters or less" will let me right now..

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