Monday, September 17, 2007

Police Taser Student During Kerry Speech

I've only watched this once but from what I saw the student was asking a question--a long three-part question--but Senator Kerry was willing to hear him out and answer his question. The police moved in and tasered and arrested him. Another view here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's also very creepy is if you read the comments posted for the video, many of them side with the polic, saying that he has no right to make comments but should have kept to asking only short questions during Kerry's Q&A.

anyone else notice that he actually challenged Kerry to answer why he conceded in Nov 2004?

The police physically stopped him from saying any more comments/questions after he spoke out about the Scull & Bones club.

a few posters say they went to school with him and that he's harmless so "tasering" was way over the line. Extreme physical pain will cause someone to think that someone was trying to kill them as this student exclaims.

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