Thursday, September 20, 2007

Peru: Doctors Aid in Rising Number of Illnesses after Meteorite Crash

Puno, Peru's Regional Health Director, Jorge López Tejada, reported yesterday that at least 150 people had been seen after having stated they had dermal injuries, were dizzy, nauseous or vomiting.

According to the townspeople, the illnesses began after the meteorite crashed and they began to touch the glowing rock believing it had some type of monetary value. Aside from the hundreds of townspeople that were affected, Tejada reported that 8 police officers had to be hospitalized after having taken samples of the meteorite.


Blogger Hyperman said...

American spy satellite downed in Peru

Don't know what it's worth (and I doubt that it has anything to do with Iran)... but found it a possible explanation for the mysterious illness that fits the symptoms of radioactive exposure.

5:50 PM  

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