Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The conservative sites seem to be suspicious of the bin Laden video as well.

Hot Air: Digital forensic analyst: Osama video was manipulated

Rightwing Nuthouse: OSAMA VIDEO MAY BE A FAKE

Michael Ledeen in the National Review:

Third, is it really Osama? As you know, I was reliably told something like two years ago that Osama had died. Nothing in this speech sounds at all like the "old" OBL. That man knew how to give a stemwinder, he used elegant language, his threats were blood-curdling, his calls to the faithful inspiring. This man talks like, well, a high school dropout. In fact it reads like an "Onion" spoof. And the sound is bizarre, at least on my IBM desktop. It sounds almost as if there was enough garble in it to make it difficult to match with voice prints of the "real" guy. I'm not convinced.


Blogger Hyperman said...

I wonder who are the idiots in the US government who are claiming that this video is authentic !

The problem is that we have no idea of who are really behind these videos. So we should create a contest and ask CGI experts around the world to produce their own fake OBL video and the public would vote for the best. It would remove all credibility to these fake videos when people would realize how easy it is to create them.

9:07 PM  
Blogger Terry Hildebrand said...

That fake Osama video contest is a brilliant idea, Hyperman. I hope someone with the means will implement it!

2:57 AM  

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