Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cannonfire asks: The DC Madam case: Honeytrap?

The DC Madam, Jeane Palfrey, is attempting to get her case thrown out on the grounds that the "United States Government has been directly or indirectly benefiting from the operation of her service by monitoring her customers and is thus equitably barred from prosecuting her." In motions filed with the court she names a new client, one Ronald Roughead, from a company SAIC which has many intelligence connections. Read Joseph's piece.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Palfrey list Sounds like the black book of 1918
That trial of the century was removed clean out of all books.
The list there had 47000 names.
The list here is 46000 phone records.
The listed are not womenizers or machos or ordinary sinners.
They are power brokers, gay, Lutheran Shock and Awe agitators of all wars.
And they are only the cover for the real pimps deep underground.
Deborah Palfrey deserves the First Billing award for clean governance.
A curse on Justice Charles Darling and Judge Gladys Kessler.

Noel Pemberton-Billing
Trial of the Century

1:22 AM  

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