Friday, January 05, 2007

UFO Crash Over Finland

Update: posters at GodLikeProductions have more on this incident. The video was shot 8th of december 2003 and was shown on the Finnish tv program called "Good morning Finland" 17th of December.


A woman from Oulu visiting a dog show in Helsinki in the weekend spots an unusual looking shape high inthe illuminating morning sky. The sky is cloudless, visibility good. Fortunately, the camera carried along is taken out.

(Woman shooting the camera):
- What is that? What is that, Jaana?

(Other woman):

- Look, what is that?

The phenomenon makes no sound. The women are shooting the target for tens of seconds untilit disappears behind the horizon. The easiest and maybe still the most obvious explanation is an aeroplane -the Helsinki-Vantaa airport is nearby. But could it still be a burning satellite or a carrier rocket, heated up by friction high up in the atmosphere - space junk? The longevity of the phenomenon would surely suggest so. On the other hand the shape holds itself together quite well - no loose pieces are seen. Also the colors remain even. Could it be a meteor or even an asteroid that passed the earthquite close high above the atmosphere? But then nothing like that has been reported in the world.


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