Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A poster at the Rigorous Intuition Forum posted a link to this book. I am skeptical as to both telepathy and UFOs, much less secret bases on the moon. Nonetheless, the American military and intelligence community spent a good deal of money investigating remote viewing and Ingo Swann was right in the middle of it. A PDF of this rare book can be found here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a couple weeks...can't remember where I found it. Keep it up, though, it's a nice resource.

I'm very skeptical of UFO/Mind Control/etc, too, but I was bored a few days ago and stumbled upon John Lear and his analysis of several hi-res photos from the dark side of the moon: http://landoflegends.us/43ancients/02files/Moon_Images.html#MENU

Like always, there's not really compelling proof, but there's enough anomoly in the images, I think, that you can't dismiss the possibility. There are things that really look like roads, buildings, and huge sections of terrain that look like strip mines. He happens to be on the Coast to Coast show tonight; I'm planning on listening. Don't get me started on Art Bell...but it should be interesting nonetheless.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, forget about it; this Lear guy is just a gullible idiot.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I agree that most of the UFO personalities are suspect, you cannot discount the ones who have ties to the gov or mil. Ingo Swann, btw, was called in by the FBI and/or ATF to Columbine during the "stand-off". Speaking of Columbine, there's an amazing set of interviews on Vyzygoth's "From the Grassy Knoll" podcasts. Check them out while they're still on his webpage. They're very, very interesting.

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