Thursday, November 23, 2006

PARIS FLAMMONDE's monumental three-volume 1500 page work "The Assassination of America" is now available pre-publication for $125. His earlier work "The Kennedy Conspiracy," a pre-trial account of the Garrison investigation is one of the best early works.

Special Pre-Publication Offer:

How you can get "The Assassination of America" before its publication.

Paris Flammonde is offering a special pre-publication price on the 3-Volume set, comprised of over 1500 pages with more than 400 photographs, a collection to which some of the best known JFK Assassination researchers and scientists have contributed.

"The Assassination of America 3 Volume Set" will retail for over $400.00 but. through this exclusive pre-publication offer, readers may purchase the 3 volumes for $125.00 plus shipping. Qualified JFK Assassination researchers, historians and organizations may apply for a special "Scholar's Pricing" of $100.00 per set by contacting:

Paris Flammonde"Tarot" RR 6, Box 6199Stroudsburg, PA 18360-8537

I look forward to reading and reviewing this work at the earliest opportunity. Thanks to Professor Hex for calling this to my attention.


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Full info on the massive 4 volume work at - - -

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