Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rich DellaRosa posted this on the JFK Research Forum

John Judge has told me the same story, in less detail, by private email. A while back I contacted the Don Norton who some believe to be the real Lee Harvey Oswald. He reacted much as you or I would if put in the same position.

Updated: from my email correspondence with Don Norton:

Mr. Norton, Several people on several different internet forums relating to the JFK assassination have made claims that you are the "real" Lee Harvey Oswald or have made claims to be such in the past. You are alleged years ago to have contacted a conspiracy researcher Mae Brussell and claimed this. Do you have any comment?---

Don Norton :Yeah. Are you crazy?????

Followed up a few minutes later by:You know, some idiot called me about 10 years ago with the same ridiculous idea. Where do you nuts come from?

After I explained that I was not the one saying that he was Oswald:

"Gary. Sorry for being so rude, but you've got to imagine what it feels like to have someone accuse you of being Oswald. The utter rediculousness (if that's even a word) of it is almost funny. Kind of like me accusing you of being some infamous figure from the past.Years ago I had some nutcase call me on my cell phone and ask me to takea couple of tests to prove I wasn't Oswald. I suggested that he do the same and I never heard back from him.

I don't know how many people in this country have the same name as me, but it has to be a fairly common name. In fact there's a couple of Don Norton's in the small area I live in. I wonder if they are getting the same kind of calls. I can assure you I am not Oswald. I was in the 8th grade when Kennedy was shot and I still remember walking home with mybuddies and talking about it with them.


Blogger Witness said...

Gary, I wrote a lot on my blog (now in the archives) about Donald Norton and Ralph Geb. You say Norton looked a lot like Oswald. But the fact is he's a natural redhead. I have photos of him;
and the man in the yearbook picture might be Ralph Geb. Ralph Geb is mentioned in the Collum book, "The Men on the Sixth Floor." These individuals were impersonating Oswald in Mexico City and who knows where else. They did not look like him but they said they were him and made a ruckus so the name Lee Harvey Oswald would stick in people's minds. They were setting him up as the patsy for what was going to happen.
Do you know the famous Altgens photo of Bill Lovelady looking out the Texas Schoolbook Depository doorway, and you see Kennedy in the foreground clutching his neck; he had been shot from the front? The person next to Lovelady has been whited out. Some believe it's Oswald watching the motorcade, i.e., a conspiracy. Oswald was innocent.

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Blogger Witness said...

My blog is at

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Posting messages from my forum which were not authored by you violate published forum rules.

Had you sought my permission I would have gladly given it. No doubt that Judge's story is important but I object to using one of my forum's posts without permission.

Rich DellaRosa

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew THE Donald P. Norton in real life. The stories he told me about the actual convoluted jigsaw puzzle were fascinating, to say the least... I'm not talking about Donald O. Norton.

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