Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Louisiana Psychoanalytic Association

Thomas H. Purvis today posted this document along with this commentary:

The "Intelligence Agency" was nothing more than a "Front" which has at time becomes known in NO, among those aware of it, as the "Garrison Detective Agency".

As you can see, Garrison was smart enough to file the Corporation as a "Non-Profit" entity. Which thereafter eliminated the need for various State & Federal document submission.

As a separate "Corporation", Garrison was thereby personally protected by the laws which separate the Corporate entity from the personal entity.

And, although the Corporation may have received funds which derived from it's activities, Garrison was responsible only for filing documentation relative to salaries paid to it's employees.

Therefore, good ole Mr. Jack Martin/aka Suggs, could be paid a salary from the "Detective Agency" /Intelligence Agency activities, and all other funds received expended as "expenses" related to the "Non-Profit" status of the corportion.

In that regard, one might want to look at how much of the New Orleans Taxpayers monies/DA budget was expended into "Investigation". Also, this kept Martin/Suggs happily employed with more than adequate funds to keep him on the "happy" sideline, out out of the line of fire and away from "inquiring minds".

In that regard, it is also no coincidence, (some would obviously call it irrelevant) that prior to his employment with the "Garrison-Intelligence-Agency", Mr. Martin/aka Suggs was a part of the phony front organization "Louisiana-Psychoanalytic-Association".

It is also "possibly" irrelevant that the co-founder/registered agent with Martin in this venture was none other than Thomas Juse Baumler, father to the "Hon" Thomas J. Baumler, Jr of the Garrison-Intelligence-Agency.


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